Sam Witwer ‘Phantom Menace’ Commentary

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RebelForce Radio has released their latest film commentary, now delving into the prequel trilogy. Featuring Sam Witwer, Jimmy Mac and Jason Swank, they discuss The Phantom Menace. Click here to listen.

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‘Crucible’ Alien Spotlight: The Columi

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As we countdown to Crucible, this week we’re putting a spotlight on the Columi. The Columi are one of many alien species in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. They also happen to play a big role in Crucible. But just who are the Columi? Follow below and we’ll take you through a history lesson of this rarely used and intriguing species. Continue Reading ‘Crucible’ Alien Spotlight: The Columi…

Clueless in Star Wars

May 5, 2012 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Commentary | 5 Comments

Synlah: You know, it’s something of an irony that a story that brought us the first truly modern, well-rounded, strong female who could hold her own with males has spawned a dismissive, sexist and clueless segment in the Star Wars fandom.  Whether it’s right or wrong on my part, I expect a degree of that from young male fans (in my defense, I’ve raised three sons so I’ve got something of an insider view of young male teenagers’ thought processes).  But when it comes from an adult, supposedly mature male, there’s no other word for it besides offensive.  What makes it even more offensive is the utter cluelessness demonstrated.

Why is the cluelessness so offensive?  Because, once again, it reduces females to less-than-fully-human objects.  Not to mention that we’re being told what to think and how to feel.  Because, you know, our poor little female brains aren’t capable of deciding for ourselves what we want and how we want it presented to us.  The presumption is preposterous.  As a white, heterosexual female I’m not going to presume to tell a minority person that their desire for equality and fair and equal treatment is invalid because I say it is. Continue Reading Clueless in Star Wars…

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