Union: A Cast of it’s Own

Out of all the Star Wars comics that have been done, Union stands out amongst the crowd. On one hand, it was written by Michael A. Stackpole and covers something we don’t see too much of in Star Wars: weddings. On the other hand, it also featured an all star cast. Mara, Luke, Wedge, Corran…no, not those stars. We’re talking about the real life celebrities who show up as Star Wars characters.

For instance…

Tommy Lee Jones

I like Tommy Lee Jones. He’s a good actor and he’s memorable in his performances. However, I have to admit, I’ve never pictured him in Star Wars. Can you guess which Star Wars character he was portrayed as?

Wes Janson, the famous pilot in Rogue Squadron. Does it work? Well…I’ll leave that be for now. But Mr. Jones certainly isn’t the only memorable face in Union.

Steve Buscemi

Among character actors, few are as entertaining as Steve Buscemi. From Reservoir Dogs to Con Air and Armageddon, he’s gone from small cult films to big budget action flicks. The one constant is his peculiar roles.

In Union he plays Iry Danta, an Imperial soldier hired to sabotage Mara and Luke’s wedding. His fellow Imperial cohorts include…

Peter Stormare

Peter Stormare is that crazy Russian dude you always see in the movies. He’s been in Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Armageddon (worth noting: Buscemi and Stormare worked in all three of those movies) heck, he even played the devil in Constantine.

For his toughest role yet, Stormare takes on the rank of Moff as Derran Takkar. Takkar is the boss of the bad guys in this mini-series. With Steve Buscemi already on his team, who else could he get to shake things up?

Jack Nicholson

Wait. Jack Nicholson? Yes, I think Jack has pretty much played every role now. Might as well check Star Wars off the list as well.

For the Galaxy Far, Far Away, Jack Nicholson is Chik Apla, a former Imperial commando who wears Imperial Guardsman armor. But the former Easy Rider star wouldn’t be at home with out his buddy…

Dennis Hopper

Okay, this one is debatable. Maybe it’s Dennis Hopper, maybe it’s not. But there’s a bit a resemblance in some of the panels.

Regardless, the Star Wars character is Chala Venan, another former Imperial who is hired for the job of wedding crasher.

Aside from Anlys Takkar (who has to be somebody, we’re almost positive on this one but the name of her real life counterpart escapes us at the moment), there’s one more person on the team.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is a B-list star. Among cult films, his Evil Dead movies are classics. “Hail to the kind, baby” and “This is my BOOMSTICK!” are iconic lines that shall live on in infamy.

Bruce plays the role of Banner Sumptor, yet another Imperial.

Just to recap, here’s some group shots of the Imperials.

As we wind down our list, there was one image that caught my eye with an inescapable familiarity.

Robert Remus

Robert Remus, better known as Sgt. Slaughter, is famous for both his wrestling career and his notoriety as a G.I. Joe. “It’s slaughtering time!”

I’m not sure what his name was in the comic, but good old Sgt. Slaughter plays a small time thug who gets into a good old slobberknocker with Luke and his bachelor party.

Well that’s quite a cast so far, but someone is missing. I mean, it’s not a party unless someone invites…

Bruce Willis

I always suspected Bruce Willis was a Jedi. He’s saved New York countless times, and he once saved the galaxy in The Fifth Element. He’s no stranger to working with Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare either (Armageddon party!).

Bruce plays none other than Jedi Master Kam Solusar. However he’s certainly not the last star on our list.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd plays none other than Iella Wessiri Antilles. Iella happens to be Wedge’s wife and is around to help out Mara for her wedding. I think the resemblance is pretty close in this picture.

This next one almost got away without being noticed.

Jack Palance

Where oh where does Jack Palance fit in you ask? Why he’s Talon Karrde…at least in this picture.

Assuming Robert Teranishi, the artist who did all the pencilling for Union, watched Armageddon and Fargo and thought “Peter Stormare, Steve Buscemi, and Bruce Willis should all be in this comic!”, it’s not too far fetched to assume he watched Batman as well. The old Tim Burton version featured Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Jack Palance as his underworld boss.

Now for something completely different.

Denis Lawson

This one makes complete sense. Denis Lawson is the actor who played Wedge in the films, so obviously he should play him in the comic. One thing that caught my attention was just how close the resemblance was.

Not everyone was so easy to identify though.

Winona Ryder

Like Dennis Hopper, I’m a little sketchy on this one. Is Winona Ryder really Mirax? The hair style makes me think it’s loosely based on Winona Ryder, but I could be wrong.

Nevertheless, this next one is a dead ringer.

Mira Sorvino

Last and most importantly for Mara Month, Mira Sorvino plays the role of Mara Jade-soon-to-be-Skywalker. Let us present the photographic evidence.

I was skeptical at first, but after going though the pictures and making comparisons, I’m now convinced. Mira is Mara.

There were a lot of other characters in Union, some of whom looked more familiar than others. Instead of taking guesses, we decided to leave these unidentified faces for you. Yes! Now you the reader get to participate. Check out the pictures below and feel free to leave a comment on who you think they are.

Guess that Character!

Left to Right: Daala, Isard, unknown waitress, unknown pedestrian.

Unknown bystanders and Hobbie.

Goon left and goon right, plus Kam ‘Bruce Willis’ Solusar and Tionne.

Unknown bystander one, unknown bar bachelor, unknown bystander two, and unknown wedding guest.

Wife of Moff Takkar (aka Peter Stormare), Anlys Takkar is a hard face to place. Do you know who she might be?

In these pictures, Anlys looks a little different.

Mara and her bachelorettes. Your guess is as good as ours.

Posted By: Skuldren with help from Synlah.

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