Celebration Anaheim in Pictures

Heading inside the Anaheim Convention Center is where the real fun was at…except for the entry line and the hours long waiting.

And yes, it did fill up.

Once inside, the main thorough fair was on the other side of the windowed building front.

With it’s escalators, elevators and staircases.

The first Celebration Stage event I went to was the Ian McDiarmid panel “The Emperor Strikes Back” hosted by James Arnold Taylor.

James did a funny “Back in Black” lip sync video to kick things off.

The panel had several segments: Tea Time with Ian McDiarmid, Inside the Ackbar Studio and Questions from the Council.

James even got Ian to sign his custom Emperor shoes.

And read an excerpt from the Star Wars Shakespeare books.

Another big panel on my must see list was the Anthony Daniels panel which was hilarious.

The Star Wars Rebels panel was also a lot of fun.

I also went to some podcasting panels like Jedi News.

James Burns (left), Mark Newbold (right)


They were joined by Steve Sansweet.

And John Morton.

John was also on the Coffee With Kenobi podcast panel.

For Full of Sith fans, that’s Mike Pilot in the front row with his 501st vest.


And Star Wars Bookworms who had guests Daniel Wallace and Drew Karpyshyn. The Podcasting Stage was a lot more intimate than the Celebration Stage. There was no giant screen and blaring sound system. Nevertheless, each podcast panel that I went to filled up as there was always a good turn out.

Since I had a media pass, I got to go to the Star Wars Rebels Press Conference which was cool.

There was only one panel I went to at the Behind-The-Scenes Stage and that was the Star Wars at Del Rey panel.

That’s where they announced Alan Dean Foster is writing The Force Awakens novelization.

Here’s a shot of the Digital Stage where I ended up watching the simulcast of The Force Awakens panel.

And here is the Star Wars University room.

John Jackson Miller had an excellent panel there where he showed off some of the comics he drew as a kid.

One of the coolest rooms at the convention was The Force Awakens Exhibition where I took some blurry photos in their ultra dark room.

Kylo Ren




The Droid Builders Room was cool as they had a bunch of droids on display.

Then there was the con floor which was a massive area.

Oddly enough, they even had bars where you could get alcoholic beverages.

There was the Celebration Store.

Which was right next to Rancho Obi-Wan.

Rey’s Speeder.

The Belgian Builders AT-AT.

The Celebration Stage queuing area which was in the far rear corner of the main floor…

…a place where you might catch a glimpse of James Arnold Taylor.

Back on the main area of the con floor, there were a lot of vendors including Cartamundi.

Gentle Giant


Star Wars: Battlefront



Her Universe


Del Rey

DK Books

And lots of artists.

Jerry Vanderstelt.

And Joe Corroney and Brian Miller’s booth (that’s Joe in the picture).

There was also the Diorama Area.

The LEGO Play Area.

And the 501st area.

The Cantina where the livestreaming was being done.

The Sandcrawler.

And the Jawa workshop.

For more coverage, follow the links below.

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