Celebration Anaheim in Pictures: Disneyland and Anaheim

There was a lot to see in Anaheim so lets start with the outside. My trip to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim started with the hotel. I stayed at the Candy Cane Inn (hey, it’s Disneyland) which was pretty nice. Disneyland California Adventure was right behind the hotel (behind a giant wall), and Disneyland was just a walk down the block.

The weather in Anaheim was perfect. The temps were mild and the sun was always out.

Walking around Anaheim, and being from a place that doesn’t have palm trees, I noticed a lot of nice looking landscaping. The long lines of palm trees lining the sidewalks had a neat visual effect.

The first part of the Anaheim Convention Center that I discovered was the arena where the Celebration Stage was held. The convention center was a very large, sprawling complex. The arena was a completely separate building connected by hallways.

Here’s what it looked like inside the arena.

Here’s a long shot down the right side of the main building. Way in the distance, you can just make out the central section of the building which was covered in glass windows.

Here’s the main entrance in the middle of the convention center. Note there are three stories. The second floor hosted the Behind-The-Scenes State, Podcast State, Droid Builder room etc, and the third floor was completely devoted to the Digital Stage. There were also open terraces you could walk out on. The 501st actually did their group photo on the roof.

Here’s a view from the terrace.

Note the vehicles out there are food carts.

Here’s a view from the left side of the building looking back toward the central entrance.

Here’s a view most people probably didn’t get to see. This is the very far left end of the building. As you can see, the convention center stretches back quite a ways.

Beyond the convention center, I checked out Disneyland, which was a first for me. There are actually two parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. Between the two is a big open area.

California Adventure




When you first walk into Disneyland, there’s the train station.

Being a Star Wars fan, the first thing I went to was Star Tours.

While in line for Star Tours, you’re entertained my C-3PO and R2-D2.

And there’s a security scanner droid who has an endless amount of commentary on the people going through.

Next to Star Tours is Space Mountain which is a fully enclosed roller coaster that’s entirely in the dark with lights mimicking stars.

It’s all a part of Tomorrowland.

I noticed at Disneyland that they have a lot of interactive rides. There’s the train, there was a submarine ride…

…and a riverboat.

There’s even a ride where you get swallowed by a whale.

Of course I had to go in the Haunted Mansion. It was not as creepy looking on the outside as I was expecting, but the ride utilizes a lot of special effects that makes it a fun experience.

Big Thunder Mountain is one of few outside roller coasters at the park. In comparison to the mine car ride at Six Flags, Big Thunder Mountain is way better.

Aside from the rides, there are a lot of interesting buildings and architecture in the park.

To check out what happened inside the Anaheim Convention Center at Celebration, click here for part two.

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  1. Great pics.

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