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In the beginning, there was George Lucas. When it comes to Star Wars storytelling, it all starts with him. He penned the first draft of Star Wars in May of 1974, an idea that started a year earlier as a 14 page outline. Through several rewrites, that early draft became a phenomena spiraling into an epic saga loved by fans across the world and through generations. Yet even at that early period of the franchise, George was willing to invite other storytellers into his sandbox. There was Alan Dean Foster who wrote the novelization of the script which was released prior to the film’s blockbuster debut in 1977. Foster was brought back on board to write the first sequel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.

It’s worth noting that, during those early years, George was very involved in what would become the expanded universe. Alan Dean Foster is one of the few Star Wars authors who was actually able to meet and speak with George prior to writing his books. As the movies multiplied and the books continued, George became less and less involved in the expanded universe. Now, with George’s retirement and the sale of Star Wars to Disney, the storytelling of Star Wars has entered into uncharted waters. There is no G-Level canon now; it’s Disney canon. The expanded universe is on the verge of a reformation as the storytellers in charge decide on what will and will not be considered in-universe history.

While the story of Star Wars began with George Lucas, thanks to him, it will not end with his departure. The galaxy far, far away lives on in books, comics, video games, television and new films.

Here with the Author Holocron, we hope to engage fans on a deeper level with the storytellers of Star Wars. Be they authors, comic writers or artists, this site will provide an in-depth look at the people who have helped create the stories of this magical franchise. In the days to come, we’ll be adding more content–author bios, site links, bibliographies and most importantly, trivia–so be sure to check back for new content.


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