Stargate: What the Heck Happened?

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I’m going on the record here.  I love Stargate.  It’s my second favorite sci-fi franchise, and it’s a close second behind Star Wars.  I suppose I should qualify my statement a bit by saying it’s specifically SG-1 I love, and I love it for a lot of the reasons I love Star Wars.  In my mind I refer to the (original) SG-1 team as the Big Four.  They do remind me of the Big Three, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.  There was a lot homage to Star Wars in SG-1.  Besides all the Star Wars references and the famous trench run recreation, there’s the same camaraderie, the succeeding against real evil against all odds, the humor and most importantly the chemistry between O’Neill (two Ls), Jackson, Carter and Teal’c.  There are great villains (you gotta love Baal), great allies (genius bringing in the Roswell aliens), and that very cool stargate.  The folks involved did, in my opinion, a great job of expanding on the original movie by working in all kinds of Earth mythology; not to mention creating an entire race out of what was in the original movie some guys standing around in strange looking armor.  I guess I’m not the only one who liked the show because it lasted ten seasons, beating out X Files as the longest running sci-fi show on television.  If the last couple of seasons weren’t as good as the previous eight, they were still pretty darn good; good enough to spawn a couple of dvd movies.  And a spin-off.

Okay, I’ll admit I was not quite as enamored with Stargate: Atlantis.  I liked the pilot quite a bit.  The Wraith were particularly creepy (much better, in my opinion, than the Ori as villains), and I love me a good villain.  The lost city of Atlantis was way beyond cool, and the puddle jumpers were a nice switch up from just walking through the gate.  I liked the cast/characters of Atlantis well enough, but for me there was no real chemistry there.  I didn’t love them, and that’s a problem.  A show can have the coolest tech and the greatest plots, but if you’re not invested in the characters, ultimately you’re not going to care, and you’re going to quit watching.  I still have not watched every Atlantis episode.

Can’t say the same thing for Stargate: Universe, although I’d like to.  I wish I hadn’t watched a lot of those episodes.  I did because frankly they were the only Stargate game in town, and I needed my Stargate fix.  But slapping the name Stargate on a show doesn’t a Stargate show make.  It might make a bad version of Battlestar Galactica, but it isn’t going to be the Stargate the fans actually flip the channel to watch.  I know the new rage is for grittier, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to achieve that.  Battlestar Galactica (and the current Being Human) got it right; Stargate: Universe failed.  It’s just not enough to isolate a bunch of people (who don’t even seem to like each other) in a dire situation on a gloomy ship with enough angst going on to choke a herd of horses, and pace it funereally slow to make outstanding Gritty.  Heck, forget outstanding; I would have settled for good.  I didn’t get it.  And by the fifth episode I was screaming at the television to bring up the lights on the Destiny.

What happened with Universe?  Well, I think I can sum it up pretty simplistically.  I don’t care what happens to these people.  They can wander around the galaxy on that ship for the next decade, and I couldn’t care less.  Oh, I’m slightly invested in a couple of them.  I was invested in Matt and Chloe until they made Chloe the stupidest person in any galaxy.  I mean who walks right where the enemy is drilling a hole in your ship and just stands there waiting to get grabbed?  No one is that stupid, but apparently Chloe is.  Of course, Matt is now just about as stupid because after the girl he loves massively betrays him, he thinks he was in the wrong.  I think those two actually deserve each other, and there went that character investment.  That whole mutiny thing pretty much for me negated all the civilians.  I don’t know how that bunch are smart enough to figure out the ship.  It doesn’t take a lot of brains to figure out that going up against people who are actually trained in how to make war might not be a winning scenario.  But apparently this bunch couldn’t even get that far in their thinking.  So anyway the only character investment I have now is Eli, and I want to see him somehow get Ginn, and get off the ship, preferably with T.J. and Varro because seriously they are the only redeemable characters on board.

Unfortunately Stargate’s problems started long before Universe.  I think they actually started with the decision to spin off Atlantis.  Now, they don’t call me the retcon queen for nothing, and if I’d been in charge, this is what I would have done: no Atlantis.  Before you start throwing stones at me hear me out.  Wouldn’t it have been a lot better to, instead of having to come up with a new villain (and that whole, somewhat lame Ori story line), to send SG-1 to the Pegasus galaxy to take on the Wraith?  That’s what SG-1 does.  They go through the gate, get into trouble, get out of trouble and go back through the gate.  Think of the fun (not to mention the extra seasons) we could have had watching SG-1 go up against a new really good villain.  And the whole thing didn’t need to remain confined to the Pegasus galaxy like Atlantis was.  They slipped the Ori into the Milky Way; they could have done the same for the Wraith.  I realize I’m handing someone a golden AU RPG here, but even that is better than the pale SG-1 clone that Atlantis turned out to be.

If you think “pale clone” is too harsh a criticism for Atlantis, well what does it say when you have to insert original SG-1 cast members into your spin-offs to boost the ratings and keep the shows alive?  The best of Stargate always came from the original series and the inclusion of Richard Woolsey and Rodney McKay in a recent Universe episode not only brought some much needed oomph to the show, it revealed just how dismal Universe really was.  However, by the time Woolsey and McKay showed up, it was too late.  And I was used to the oomph factor and that particular revelation.  While I loved seeing all the old SG-1 people, your show should be able to stand on its own without Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson or Jack O’Neill.  If they have to be brought in, you should realize you’re in some serious trouble here, and maybe your show should be called SG-1, and not something else.

And by the way, where the heck is Teal’c?

To be continued…What Star Wars Can Learn From the Demise of Stargate

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Stargate and Star Trek: Lessons Learned

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A few weeks ago I wrote in this blog about the demise of Stargate, where I thought it went wrong and how I thought the franchise should have been handled, which was basically stick with a winner; in their case SG-1.  This was not by way of disrespecting the decisions that were made because the one thing about hindsight is that it’s spectacularly 20-20.  It’s all well and good for me to sit here and write what should have been done after that horse has long left the barn especially as it wasn’t my creation or my money backing that particular horse.  But there’s also nothing wrong with taking away a lesson or two from someone else’s decisions.  And occasionally you even get to put those lessons to good use.

Well, now my first favorite sci-fi franchise is teaching me a lesson that I’m not particularly happy about learning.  Fortunately, this time the powers that be have time to rectify things before Star Wars goes the way of Stargate.  Not that it’s likely to because Star Wars has such a rich and vast universe to play in, but there’s one particular part of it that has me worried.  No, I’m not talking about continuity.  Continuity, in my opinion, is just the complaint du jour because there’s this general fan dissatisfaction abounding now.  What I’m talking about is the post-ROTJ EU, and the biggest lesson I’m learning from this is:

Do not write the future into a corner.

That’s exactly where it is because after FOTJ where does the future go?  The older, beloved characters are, well, getting older.  Isn’t it about time they got some kind of master-emeritus status?  Are Luke, Leia and the masters going to have to be physically saving the galaxy into their 80s?  Don’t these people deserve some kind of easier life consisting of dispensing wise council after saving the galaxy how many times now?

They should but there’s only one problem with that.  There’s no one to take their places.  In one fashion or another the EU has lost the best and brightest of the younger generation.  Anakin Solo = dead.  Jacen Solo = dead.  Tenel Ka = stuck in Hapes with her crazy nobles.  Tahiri Viela = in no shape to be a Jedi.  Jaina Solo = don’t get me started.  She seems destined to head to the Imperial Remnant, produce Fell offspring and maybe found the Imperial Knights.  But if not that, she’s about the worst missed opportunity in the EU.  Nobody seems to be able to portray this woman properly as the Sword of the Jedi.  Sword?  Make that a stun gun.  It’s enough to make a fan cry.  There’s one single dynamic character left and that’s Ben Skywalker.  I like Ben Skywalker maybe as much as I liked his dad 34 years ago, but even George Lucas didn’t expect a single dynamic character to carry his franchise.

As good as the Fate of the Jedi series is (and I really like this series) it’s not adding a much needed element to the Star Wars EU: the dynamic characters of Ben’s generation.  Yes, there are other young characters, but I’d hardly characterize them as dynamic or heroic.  They just aren’t in the Han, Leia, Lando league that gave Luke his support.  Vestara Khai is a promising character but please spare me the Luke-Mara comparisons.  I’d probably cry if any attempt to recreate that is perpetrated.  That would be the height of recycled, unoriginal ideas.  Besides, I’m not that into Oedipus complexes in my heroes.

So when you’ve killed off, negated or ignored all the promising dynamic characters that could support Ben where do you go?  Maybe you look to the folks that rebooted Star Trek in such stunning(not to mention successful) fashion and learn some lessons from them.  They really got it right, they revitalized the original Star Trek, and maybe that’s what needs to happen to the original Star Wars.  Now before you come after me with pitchforks and torches just think about it.  A reboot doesn’t toss out the original, beloved stories.  What it does is give the fans another few decades of fantastic Star Wars adventures in an alternate universe.  Both universes live side-by-side for everyone to enjoy, and the future possibilities are endless.

It’s a win for everyone, but most especially for the fans.

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Our Interview with Martha Wells

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Martha Wells is one of the writers for the upcoming Star Wars book series Empire and Rebellion. Her book will be featuring Leia, and with the momentum already building with Dark Horse’s new self-titled Star Wars comic series (which features Leia in a major role), and wide support for a female lead in Star Wars Episode VII, anticipation is building. We took a moment to ask Martha a few questions about her Leia novel, about fan fiction, and a little Stargate for good  measure. We also covered her wonderfully imaginative series The Books of the Raksura (a trilogy available as both trade paperbacks and eBooks). So, without further ado, we present our interview with Martha Wells. Continue Reading Our Interview with Martha Wells…


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