Inside ‘The Dancers’ Pit’ With Shea Standefer

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shea-standefer-jainaIf you’re into cosplay and/or the EU, you probably stand a good chance of recognizing Shea Standefer, since she’s pretty much the penultimate Jaina Solo cosplayer.  While you may know her for her love of the EU and cosplay, she is also a talented artist, and I’ve been following Shea’s career since our days together on a discussion forum.  With talent, determination and hard work, Shea’s love of Star Wars has been rewarded.  She is now an official Star Wars artist, with an official print that will be available at CEII, and she shared some of her process for The Dancers’ Pit with Roqoo Depot.  You can read our interview with Shea after the cut.

Shea's CEII print Continue Reading Inside ‘The Dancers’ Pit’ With Shea Standefer…

Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:Movies The Ruin Childhoods” kicks off with Amy’s report from Paleyfest including stuff on Outlander, Flash, Arrow and Tron. As an aside, I’m kinda surprised by how apathetic they were toward Tron: Legacy. Scott hasn’t seen it, Jeff didn’t like it, and Amy is the only one who did enjoy it. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the new Tron. Beyond that, they also talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot’s aversion to dancing in front of Drax, Agent Carter comments about the future, J.J. Abrams’ comments, the 20 new books for Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Aftermath, and the female Ghostbuster movie. Their main discussion is on whether movies can ruin your childhood and the use of phrase as of late, which is an interesting topic. They also touch on whether or not we’re heading for a superhero burnout.

Our Very Own Marvel Civil War” starts off with a discussion of Pixels and the recently released trailer before heading into a March Madness tournament discussion for Marvel characters. They start out with a bunch of character, have them face off against each other, then each hosts/guest says which one should win. Whoever gets the most votes proceeds to the next round until there’s an ultimate victor. I have to be honest, it runs a bit long. At first it was neat, but as it dragged on, the discussion struggled to keep my interest. I think it might have worked better as a smaller segment spread out over several episodes rather than doing it all at once.

Fish’s End, Leia’s Story & Supergirl’s Costume” begins with some discussion on the new Avengers trailer, the Groot comic, and thoughts on Gotham and Toy Story 4. Then they have guest Jenna Busch on to talk about Princess Leia #1, and guests Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) to talk and speculate about The Flash television show and the upcoming Supergirl show. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much. For starters, Princess Leia #1 was one of the worst Star Wars comics I’ve read in a while so there was a disconnect there. That in turn wasn’t helped too much by their next guests as I haven’t watched The Flash. Wasn’t a whole lot for me to connect with on this episode. However, if you enjoyed Princess Leia #1 and are a fan of The Flash, you’ll probably enjoy it. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

The Art of Anaheim

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim has a full lineup of artists and exclusive prints for this year’s art show. Amongst that group is a wide selection of artists and art styles. From photorealistic images like Chris Trevas’ “Folly of TK-421” and Brian Rood’s “A New Hope Montage” to more animated pictures like Katie Cook’s “Return of the Jedi” and Grant Gould’s “The Legend of Thrawn”. Fans can also choose from a variety subject matter stretching from the Jawa sandcrawler featured in Malcom Tween’s piece to the iconic Boba Fett in Shea Standefer’s print. To help fans get ready for the show, we’ve gathered together all of the prints for your viewing pleasure.

The Art of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

“Trust in the Force” by Steve Anderson
250 piece lithograph edition, 20 ” x 40″, limit 2, $50.00 Continue Reading The Art of Anaheim…

Star Wars Celebration Artists Revealed

November 20, 2014 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Art, Conventions, News, Star Wars, Star Wars News | Leave a comment has revealed the artist lineup for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

  • Steve Anderson
  • Drew Baker
  • Lin Zy Busch
  • Matt Busch
  • Jeff Carlisle
  • Jason Christman
  • Jeff Confer
  • Katie Cook
  • Joe Corroney
  • Doug Cowan
  • Mark Daniels
  • Chris Dee
  • Terry Dodson
  • Grant Gould
  • Karen Hallion
  • Scott Harben
  • Stephen Hayford
  • Jessica Hickman
  • Adam Hughes
  • Brandon Kenney
  • Brian Kesinger
  • Lee Kohse
  • Ken Lashley
  • Erik Maell
  • Randy Martinez
  • Brian Miller
  • Jake Murray
  • William O’Neill
  • Jason Palmer
  • Brian Rood
  • Alex Ross
  • Tsuneo Sanda
  • Cat Staggs
  • Shea Standefer
  • Chris Trevas
  • Malcom Tween
  • Jerry Vanderstelt
  • Russell Walks
  • Marc Wolfe
  • Brent Woodside

Sadly, Dave Dorman will not be attendance during this Star Wars Celebration, but you can check out his proposed art piece here. Would have been awesome to see it completed. Hopefully Dave will have another opportunity to do so.

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Sword of the Jedi Update

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Knights Archive spotted a comment made by author Christie Golden over on Facebook regarding the Sword of the Jedi series. The trilogy was announced back at Star Wars Celebration VI and Christie Golden was set to be the author.

“The very talented Shea Standefer wearing the art that was used to announce my Jaina Solo trilogy which may or may not happen (don’t know yet.) I think I better get one of these shirts…” -Christie Golden

So, we can now official add Sword of the Jedi to the unknown pile along with Kemp’s mysterious duology. Hopefully will get some more news early next year on what we can expect in the way of new Star Wars books, especially as the script for Episode VII is completed.

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Podcasts in Review

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Curto Burns Collector’s Cast: In the June 30, 2013 episode they talk with Steve Sansweet who was very optimistic about there being more episodes of The Clone Wars bonus content than fans might expect and the possibility that we might see something more on Detours as we get closer to the launch of Episode VII. Afterwards they talk about a UK show called Collectoholics which Curto will be on, a rundown of upcoming action figures from Hasbro, LEGO, Gentle Giant and Sideshow Collectibles. Later on there is a second interview with Steve Sansweet talking about what will be at the Rancho Obi-Wan exhibit at Celebration Europe II, a TV show spot he and Ann did and more. Pretty long episode with lots of collecting info. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

Star Wars CEII Art Update

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There’s only a couple more weeks till Star Wars Celebration Europe II kicks off in Essen, but for fans interested in picking up some awesome Star Wars artwork, there’s still time to get your order in. Even if you can’t attend, some artists are offering waiting lists for any extra prints they might have left over after the show.

Brian Rood

Continue Reading Star Wars CEII Art Update…

Celebration Europe Art Prints

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The art prints for Star Wars Celebration Europe II have been revealed and include artists: Drew Baker, Paul Allan Ballard, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, Matt Busch, Joe Corroney, Doug Cowan, Hugh Fleming, JAKe, Ken Lashley, Brian Rood, Tsuneo Sanda, Joshua Smith (Hydro74), Shea Standefer, Chris Trevas, Malcolm Tween, Jerry VanderStelt, and Lin Zy.

Drew Baker – “Shade”

Price: € 40.00, Measurements: 16″x 28.5″, Number of Prints: 250, Giclee print, Pre-Order Available

Continue Reading Celebration Europe Art Prints…

Star Wars Celebration Europe Artists Announced

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The artists for Star Wars Celebration Europe have been announced!

  • Steve Anderson
  • Drew Baker
  • Paul Ballard
  • Spencer Brinkerhoff III
  • Matt Busch
  • Richard Chasemore
  • Joe Corroney
  • Doug Cowan
  • Hugh Fleming
  • Hans Jenssen
  • Ken Lashley
  • Erik Maell
  • Jason Palmer
  • Brian Rood
  • Tsuneo Sanda
  • Joshua Smith (Hydro74)
  • Shea Standefer
  • JAKe (Jake Steel)
  • Chris Trevas
  • Malcolm Tween
  • Jerry VanderStelt
  • Christian Waggoner
  • Lin Zy

It has also been announced that Pablo Hidalgo will be hosting the Behind the Scenes Stage again.

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