Book Review: ‘The Unsettling Stars’ by Alan Dean Foster

May 26, 2023 at 6:25 am | Posted in Books, Reviews, Sci-Fi, Star Trek | 1 Comment

Star Trek: The Unsettling Stars is the first novel in the Kelvin timeline, written by Alan Dean Foster. It was released by Gallery Books in April of 2020. 

What a fascinating book! I’ve enjoyed reading the Star Trek novels recently, and I really liked the actors and characters of the Kelvin timeline, despite not loving the movies themselves. I thought that this timeline is ripe for exploration in character and story, as it provides an opportunity to produce new novels and maybe even TV series? 

This book was one of four originally written to tie-into and release around the Star Trek (2009) movie. However, when the movie was released, these books were scrapped for some reason. They simply sat on the shelves at Simon and Schuster until this and one other were allowed to release in 2020. Alan Dean Foster touched up the story from my understanding, but this is still the book written for release in 2010.

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