Book Review: ‘Raise the Dawn’ by David R. George III

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Star Trek: Raise the Dawn is the penultimate novel in the Typhon Pact series. It was written by David R. George III and was released in July of 2012. 

While the Typhon Pact series has had everything from fantastic entries to utterly dull ones, this book lands itself somewhere in the middle. There are things that I thought were excellently done in this book, while there were other elements that bored me throughout. 

I’ll begin with what works in the book. When writing a political story, David R. George does a really good job. The Typhon Pact vs. The Federation storyline here was fascinating and I was hooked on every chapter. In some ways, this book paid off several books of development, particularly the last few by David R. George. While I’ve seen many reviewers discuss how this novel is part of a duology with Plagues of Night, I would argue that it’s more of an end to a trilogy, including Rough Beasts of Empire. 

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