New Releases: ‘Life Day #1’, ‘Trail of Shadows #2’ & More

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Five new Star Wars releases from Marvel and IDW today.

Life Day #1

Writers: Cavan Scott, Justina Ireland, Jody Houser, and Steve Orlando
Pencilers: Kei Zama, Ivan Fiorelli, Paul Fry, and Georges Jeanty
Inkers: Victor Olazaba, Ivan Fiorelli, Paul Fry, and Kei Zama
Colorists: Ruth Redmond, Alex Sinclair, Chris Sotomayor, and Pete Pantazis
Letterer: Vc Ariana Maher
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

THE GALAXY’S FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Happy LIFE DAY! Celebrate the galaxy’s favorite holiday with a collection of festive tales from all across the STAR WARS SAGA! Life Day is the last thing on HAN SOLO’S mind when he and CHEWBACCA find themselves outgunned and under fire. But Chewie won’t give up hope, remembering the lessons of Life Days past and present. As for Life Days yet to come… well, they’ll have to survive the night first!

Details: Rated T, $4.99

Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows #2

Writer: Daniel Older, Inker: David Wachter, Colorist: Giada Marchisio, Letterer: Vc Joe Sabino, Penciler: David Wachter, Cover Artist: David Lopez

EMERICK AND SIAN FACE TOTAL AN-NIHIL-ATION! As dead ends and loose threads mount in Jedi Master Emerick Caphtor’s investigation, he’s called to Coruscant, where Chancellor Soh introduces him to his new partner: private eye Sian Holt. Together, they must go undercover to infiltrate one of the most crime-riddled and dangerous planets in the galaxy. Will Emerick’s duty to the Republic get in the way of Sian’s personal vendetta? Time’s running out to close this case…and what do the Nihil have to do with any of this?!

Details: Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars Adventures #12

Writers: Andrew Griffith, and Cavan Scott, Artists: Manuel Bracchi, and Andrew Griffith, Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla

First, it’s a trap! Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron has been snared by the Empire. But who is the traitor and why is new recruit Ibti Myrak fighting with Admiral Ackbar on the deck of Home One? X-wings and TIE fighters clash in “Squad Goals,” part two by Cavan Scott and Manuel Bracchi. Then, from author and artist Andrew Griffith comes a new “Tales of Villainy.” Asajj Ventress must face off with Aayla Secura, who is dangerously close to uncovering the early stages of the Death Star Project.

Details: 28 Pages, All Ages, $3.99

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2021

Writers: Cavan Scott, Chip Zdarsky, and Jason Loo
Pencillers: Arianna Florean, and Jason Loo
Colorists: Ronda Pattison, and Megan Huang
Letterer: Johanna Nattalie
Cover Artist: Arianna Florean

Desperate to win Jabba the Hut’s favor, Han Solo and Chewbacca take the galactic gangster a very special present. Han thinks the adorable hoojib will make a perfect addition to Jabba’s menagerie, but the cute critter hides a terrible secret. Cavan Scott (Star Wars: The High Republic) and Arianna Florean (Marvel Action) reintroduce a legendary alien species to Star Wars canon, 40 years after their first appearance! THEN, follow a group of troublesome kids on Cloud City when they come across a rare coin worth a pretty credit. But when the coin turns out to belong to the one and only Lando Calrissian, the kids quickly find out they are in over their head. Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil) and Jason Loo (The Pitiful Human-Lizard) join forces to tell this Bespin-based story.

Details: 46 Pages, All Ages, $7.99

Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters TPB

Writer: Charles Soule, Pencillers: Steve Mcniven, and Luke Ross, Cover Artist: Steve Mcniven

Collects Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha (2021) #1, Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters (2021) #1-5. The Star Wars comic event you’ve been waiting for! The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett has finally landed his greatest prize — Han Solo, frozen in carbonite for easy transport. Fett will bring the smuggler to Tatooine to collect the massive bounty placed on Solo’s head by the fearsome crime lord Jabba the Hutt. There’s just one problem standing between Fett and the payday…and it’s a big one. But Fett will stop at nothing to get the job done! Prepare for a mind-blowing, space-shattering epic event like no other! Featuring the return of the criminal Crimson Dawn, plus Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Valance, Doctor Aphra and the Hutts, all vying for the ultimate prize — with Boba Fett stuck in the middle!

Rating: Rated T, $19.99

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