Book Review: ‘A Time to Hate’ by Robert Greenberger

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Star Trek: A Time to Hate is the sixth book in the A Time to series, produced by Pocket Books at Simon and Schuster and was written by Robert Greenberger and released in July of 2004.

The first two books in the series by John Vornholt had an interesting premise, but were not executed well. The next two books, by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, just seemed bland, almost as if they were filler books in the series where barely anything of consequence happened. Hope was rekindled in the previous book A Time to Love by Robert Greenberger. In this book, Greenberger finally pays off many of the promises that the series has made. 

This book’s plot itself wasn’t particularly strong, as it lacked the energy that some of the previous books in the series had. This might have been one of the most lackluster A-plots of the entire series. I thought that the “cure” was too simple and didn’t have enough difficulty for the crew. As a whole, this was the one plot where I really didn’t care what happened to the people of the planet, even though I really cared in the last book. 

Where this book shines though is its use of the Next Generation characters and furthering their plot in the story. The cat is finally out of the bag with Dr. Crusher and her offer to join Starfleet Medical, even though we’ve been reading about it for several books now. For once in the series, Greenberger advances that part of the plot, but doesn’t finish it, leaving enough for his successors.

Another strong suit of this book is the use of Troi and Riker’s relationship. For most of the book, they are separated. In fact, they are only together for a few pages towards the end. However, Greenberger is able to use conversations between Troi and Christine Vale and between Will Riker and Kyle Riker to explain where their relationship is, where it needs to go, and why nothing has happened yet. This wasn’t the best told love story, and certainly could have done much better. However, it seems logical for the series and much like the other characters in the book, my reaction was “It’s about time!”

One great aspect of the B-plot of this book was Will Riker’s relationship with his father, Kyle Riker. We got a glimpse of Kyle Riker in one episode of the T.V. series and other than that haven’t had much experience with him. Here he is a very complex character with many strengths and flaws that make the reader both root for and against him. Including Kyle Riker was probably Greenberger’s smartest move in the book.

Much like the previous book, the chapter lengths were wild and crazy and not at all uniform. There were many points in the book for chapter breaks that would have made the chapter lengths smoother and the transitions easier. 

There is something towards the end of this book that has me really excited for the rest of the series. I cannot reveal it without getting into spoilers, but this is the first time where I feel that the authors provided each other a main plot hook for the next one to use. I cannot wait to read the next books, especially since David Mack wrote them.

Overall, I thought that Robert Greenberger did the best thus far in the series with his duologies. The first book (A Time to Love) had a better plot, but this book had much better character work and series work. I give A Time to Hate 4 out of 5.

I will briefly be taking a break from the A Time to books to read and review Star Trek Coda: Moments Asunder by Dayton Ward. I am very pumped to read this book and the whole Coda trilogy.

Reviewed By: Jonathan Koan for Roqoo Depot.

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