No More Star Wars IDW Comics

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Bleeding Cool has reported that Disney/Lucasfilm has pulled the Star Wars licensing from IDW Comics. Sadly, that means no more Star Wars Adventures. I rather liked the artwork and stories, and the appeal they had for a younger audience. No news yet on who will be taking over for the younger audience comics.

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Book Review: ‘A Time to Hate’ by Robert Greenberger

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Star Trek: A Time to Hate is the sixth book in the A Time to series, produced by Pocket Books at Simon and Schuster and was written by Robert Greenberger and released in July of 2004.

The first two books in the series by John Vornholt had an interesting premise, but were not executed well. The next two books, by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, just seemed bland, almost as if they were filler books in the series where barely anything of consequence happened. Hope was rekindled in the previous book A Time to Love by Robert Greenberger. In this book, Greenberger finally pays off many of the promises that the series has made. 

This book’s plot itself wasn’t particularly strong, as it lacked the energy that some of the previous books in the series had. This might have been one of the most lackluster A-plots of the entire series. I thought that the “cure” was too simple and didn’t have enough difficulty for the crew. As a whole, this was the one plot where I really didn’t care what happened to the people of the planet, even though I really cared in the last book. 

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