New Releases: ‘The High Republic #7’, ‘Star Wars #16’, ‘War of the Bounty Hunters #3’ & ‘Tales of Villainy #8’

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Four new Star Wars comics out today.

Star Wars Adventures: The High Republic #7

Writer: Daniel Jose Older, Artist/Cover Artist: Harvey Tolibao

As the galaxy prepares for its Republic Fair, Qort and Farzala are sent on a diplomatic mission to negotiate with the Hutts, who have joined them in the fight against the Drengir. But relations turn sour, and it’s going to take all of their training to get them out of the situation!

Details: $3.99

Star Wars #16 (War of the Bounty Hunters)

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Ramon Rosanas, Cover Artist: Carlo Pagulayan, David Nakayama (Wanted Poster variant), Chris Sprouse (Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary variant)

“MISSING IN ACTION.” LEIA ORGANA, CHEWBACCA and LANDO CALRISSIAN battle BOBA FETT for the ultimate prize – HAN SOLO! But they are not the only people who have come to the remote world of JEKARA seeking the smuggler. DARTH VADER, JABBA THE HUTT and more are in the mix as well… Jedi LUKE SKYWALKER may be the Rebels’ only hope…but WHERE is he?

Details: Rated T, $3.99

War of the Bounty Hunters #3

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Luke Ross, Cover Artists: Steve McNiven, John Tyler Christopher (Action Figure variant), David Nakayama (Wanted Poster variant)

WINNER TAKES ALL! Terrifying, implacable Dark Lord of the Sith DARTH VADER has laid claim to HAN SOLO, who is frozen in carbonite. But the great, exalted JABBA THE HUTT also believes that Solo is his property. It’s the galaxy’s baddest gangster versus the Empire’s most powerful enforcer, and neither is backing down. BOBA FETT is caught between a Sith and a Hutt…and it’s WINNER TAKE ALL.

Details: Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars Adventures: Tales of Villainy #8

Writers: Sam Maggs, and Danny Lore, Artists: Liana Kangas, and Arianna Florean, Cover Artists: Francesco Francavilla (Cover A), Arianna Florean (Cover B)

The Empire has been defeated, but that doesn’t mean that the adventures are over for Luke and Leia, who find themselves in a tricky situation that they have to work together to get out of! Plus, Count Dooku has sinister plans for a Clone troop!

Details: $3.99

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