Audio Cast for ‘Tempest Runner’

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Tags: , , has revealed the full cast list for the upcoming audiobook Tempest Runner (coming out August 31st).

  • JESSICA ALMASY as Lourna Dee
  • DAN BITTNER as Councilor Wittick
  • ORLAGH CASSIDY as Ola Hest
  • JANUARY LAVOY as Tasia
  • KATHLEEN McINERNEY as Councilor Fry
  • TARA SANDS as Sestin
  • VIKAS ADAM as H7-09 & Raleigh
  • JONATHAN DAVIS as Andrik Keller & Asgar Ro
  • NEIL HELLEGERS as Kassav, Yudiah Dee, & Jano
  • SASKIA MAARLEVELD as Avar Kriss & Parr
  • SONEELA NANKANI as Keeve Trennis & Muglan
  • MARC THOMPSON as Pan Eyta, Sskeer, & Marchion Ro
  • SHANNON TYO as Nib Assek & Quin

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Book Review: ‘A Time to Sow’ by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

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Star Trek: A Time to Sow is the third book in the “A Time to” series produced by Pocket Books at Simon and Schuster, and was written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore and released in April of 2004.

When the “A Time to” Series was launched, there were certain promises made. This series is meant to bridge the gap between Insurrection and Nemesis. And yet all of the reveals and development that was promised has yet to even become present three books in. 

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This Week in Star Wars

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New Releases: ‘Jabba The Hutt #1’, ‘Darth Vader #14’ & ‘The High Republic Adventures #6’

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Three new Star Wars comic releases today.

Jabba the Hutt #1 (War of the Bounty Hunters)

Writer: Justina Ireland, Artist: Luca Pizarri, Cover Artist: Mahmud Asrar, Bernard Chang (variant cover), Giuseppe Camuncoli (headshot variant)

JABBA NEVER FORGIVES! JABBA NEVER FORGETS! JABBA THE HUTT is one of the most powerful and ruthless gangsters in the galaxy-and BOBA FETT, his most trusted bounty hunter, has failed him. How will Jabba deal with betrayal? VIOLENTLY. And what does this have to do with a bounty hunter with ties to the HIGH REPUBLIC? Justina Ireland and Luca Pizzari’s hutt-sized spectacular is the first of four action-packed “War of the Bounty Hunters” tie-ins about the criminal underworld’s most notorious hunters and scoundrels, all told by the best Star Wars writers and illustrators in the galaxy.

Details: Rated T, $4.99

Darth Vader #14 (War of the Bounty Hunters)

Writer: Greg Pak, Artist: Raffaele Ienco, Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder, Giuseppe Camuncoli (headshot variant), Chris Sprouse (Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary variant)

“THE BLADE BEHIND THE CURTAIN.” For decades, no figure has stood as close to the EMPEROR with so much mystery surrounding her. Who is the UMBARAN? What is her role within the EMPIRE and in the WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS? And what happens when she emerges from the darkness to challenge Darth Vader himself? Featuring an unprecedented look at the inner workings of the Emperor’s inner circle – and the return of IG-88!

Details: Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #6

Writer: Daniel Jose Older, Artist/Cover Artist: Harvey Tolibao

As the galaxy prepares for its Republic Fair, Qort and Farzala leave their Padawan friends to join in on the effort to fight against the fearsome Drengir, in this first issue of a two-part adventure! Writer Daniel José Older, bestselling author of Star Wars: Last Shot and artist Harvey Tolibao bring IDW into The High Republic, a massive publishing crossover spanning comics and prose!

Details: $3.99

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This Week in Star Wars

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New Releases: ‘Doctor Aphra #12’, ‘War of the Bounty Hunters #2’ & ‘The Phantom Menace’

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Three new Star Wars comics out today.

Doctor Aphra #12 (War of the Bounty Hunters)

Writer: Alyssa Wong, Artist: Minkyu Jung, Cover Artists: Sara Pichelli (standard cover), Giuseppe Camuncoli (headshot variant)

“PARTY TRICKS.” A MYSTERIOUS INVITATION leads DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS to an exclusive party… teeming with scum and villainy! Will Aphra and Sana be able to survive the underworld social event of the century? Or will their cover be blown by A FAMILIAR FACE with an agenda of their own?

Details: Rated T, $3.99

War of the Bounty Hunters #2 (of 5)

Writer: Charles Soule, Artist: Luke Ross, Cover Artists: Steve McNiven (standard cover), Giuseppe Camuncoli (headshot variant), John Tyler Christopher (action figure variant)

THE BIGGEST COMC EVENT OF THE STAR WARS GALAXY CONTINUES! Notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT has tracked his missing prize – heroic smuggler HAN SOLO, frozen in carbonite – to the remote, frozen world of JEKARA. But representatives from many of the galaxy’s most powerful factions have gathered, and they all want the same thing – Solo. Things go from bad to worse, as Boba Fett realizes that he himself has become almost as valuable to the galaxy’s hunters as Han Solo, and he must turn to the least trustworthy person in the galaxy for help…DOCTOR APHRA…

Details: Rated T, $3.99

The Phantom Menace Graphic Novel

Writer: Alessandro Ferrari, Artist: various, Cover Artist: Cryssy Cheung

Experience the excitement and thrill of the epic Star Wars movies in this young-reader friendly adaptation of Episode I! Peace reigns in the Galaxy, guarded by the thousand-years old Jedi Order. But dark forces plot in the shadows to restore the power of the Sith, long believed gone. Unaware of this evil plan, two Jedi knights rescue Queen Amidala of Naboo and discover a young boy who could forever change the fate of the universe. Capturing the galaxy-spanning action of The Phantom Menace, experience Episode I as a beautiful graphic novel combining the epic wonder of Star Wars with streamlined, young-reader friendly designs. This all-ages graphic novel is a must-read for longtime fans and a great introduction for young newcomers!

Details: $9.99

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New Releases: ‘Tales of Villainy #6’, ‘Bounty Hunters #14’ & ‘The Old Republic’ Vol 1 Omnibus

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Three new Star Wars comic releases today.

Star Wars Adventures: Tales of Villainy #6

Writers: Katie Cook, and Shaun Manning, Artists: Cara McGee, and Fico Ossio, Cover Artists: Francesco Francavilla (Cover A), Fico Ossio (Cover B)

Padme and Anakin have grand plans to have a romantic night together after a long separation. But before they get a chance to get together, Anakin is Jedi-napped by a group of outlaws! Now it’s up to Padme to use all of her cunning to infiltrate the outlaw group and rescue him. Then, get a glimpse into the times of The High Republic with a story of the Nihil!

Details: $3.99

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14 (War of the Bounty Hunters)

Writer: Ethan Sacks, Artist: Paolo Villanelli, Cover Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Standard Cover and Headshot Variant), Chris Sprouse (Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Variant)

“THE FOLLOWING.” Hunted by the mysterious assassin DEATHSTICK, a wounded VALANCE and his reluctant partner DENGAR are running out of options! T’ONGA is outgunned and outnumbered… but she does have one last surprise up her sleeve! And the shadowy force behind all of the danger makes its move!

Details: Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars Legends: The Old Republic Omnibus HC Vol 01

Writer: John Jackson Miller, Artists: Brian Ching and more, Cover Artists: Brian Ching (Standard Cover), Dustin Weaver (Variant Cover)

A long, long time ago, the Star Wars galaxy was a very different place. Welcome to the Old Republic! When young Jedi Zayne Carrick is framed for murder by his own masters, he goes on the run with three unlikely allies: con artist Marn Hierogryph, fugitive scientist Camper and bodyguard Jarael. But can they survive long enough to clear Carrick’s name, uncover a conspiracy and maybe gain a bit of profit along the way? Strap in for an adventure that spans the galaxy as this ragtag group of heroes face corrupted Jedi, deadly Mandalorians, the power of the Sith and more! Collecting STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC #1-50, STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC – WAR #1-5, STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC HANDBOOK and material from STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC/REBELLION #0.

Details: Rated T, $125.00

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Book Review: ‘Race to Crashpoint Tower’ by Daniel José Older

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Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel José Older is the second middle grade novel in The High Republic series, released by the Disney-Lucasfilm Press in June 2021. 

If you’ve read my review of A Test of Courage, you know that I don’t particularly love middle grade novels, especially in Star Wars. The whole purpose of tie-in novels is to connect the universe together, and to tell a story that children will understand and appreciate. Most of the Star Wars middle grade books are able to tell stories for kids, but they rarely add much to the greater understanding of the universe. However, Race to Crashpoint Tower is much different from its counterparts because it tells a great story while tying in well with The Rising Storm, which is the adult novel from Del Rey which occurs at the same time. 

This story focuses on two main characters: Ram Jomaram and Lula Talisola. Older is able to tell a fairly complex story for middle grade by having the two stories be completely separate, and then weave together towards the end. This sets it apart from books like A Test of Courage which had basically one thread that occasionally branched but mostly stayed together.

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