Book Review: ‘A Time to be Born’ by John Vornholt

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Star Trek: A Time to be Born is the first book in the “A Time to” series, published by Pocket Books at Simon and Schuster and was written by John Vornholt and released in February of 2004.

Media tie-In books can be hit or miss, depending on which franchise and time period you are reading. Star Trek is no exception. I’ve found that most of the Star Trek books written post-Nemesis are significantly better than their counterparts written while the movies and television series are running. This book is in kind of a precarious situation as it straddles the difference between the two eras, at least in the feel and length of the story.

What needs to be established first and foremost is that this is book one in a nine book series spanning the timeframe between the events of Insurrection and Nemesis.  This book does not provide all of the answers, nor is it meant to. This book serves as a glimpse as to what the rest of the series will do – pit the Next Generation crew against a difficult galaxy spanning task, and begin to bridge the gap in an unknown portion of Star Trek literature.

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