Book Review: ‘The Crimson Shadow’ by Una McCormack

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The Crimson Shadow is the second book in the five book series The Fall which was the epic crossover event in 2013. It was written by Una McCormack and released in September of 2013.

I went into The Fall excited since I’ve heard my Star Trek Book friends rave about it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with Revelation and Dust, and therefore was nervous about The Crimson Shadow

My fears were unfounded, however, because this is one of the Best Star Trek books I’ve ever read!

This book breaks significantly with its predecessor in that it doesn’t really focus on a main character from the shows or even on one of the ships. Rather, it focuses on Elim Garak, the minor recurring character from Deep Space Nine who is now the Ambassador from the Cardassian Union to the Federation. While he may not be a main character from the shows, his story here is incredibly compelling and will make even strangers to the books endeared to him.

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