New Release: ‘Star Wars #9’

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One new Star Wars comic out today.


Star Wars #9 (2020)
Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Jan Bazaldua
Cover Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
UNDERTAKE A DESPERATE MISSION TO THE IMPERIAL CORE. In the Imperial Museum on CORUSCANT, an ancient droid holds the key to salvation of the REBEL ALLIANCE. The Rebels’ elite operations team, the PATHFINDERS, must pull off a daring heist right under the nose of the EMPEROR himself, with LANDO and LOBOT along for the ride!
Details: Rated T, $3.99

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Retro Reviews: ‘Thrawn’ by Timothy Zahn

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Thrawn by Timothy Zahn is the first of many novels in the canon about everyone’s favorite blue skinned, red eyed Chiss. It was released in April of 2017.

Timothy Zahn has a long and famous history with Star Wars. His Heir to the Empire trilogy not only launched the Expanded Universe (now called Legends as we know it) but also created one of Star Wars’ most famous characters – Grand Admiral Thrawn. Since then, Timothy Zahn has written numerous Star Wars novels, some with Thrawn and some without. However, when Lucasfilm launched the canon, all that went out the window. And so, we thought, went the possibility of seeing Thrawn again.

Obviously we were all wrong.

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