Max Reebo’s Pick of the Week: ‘Kick You When You’re Down’

November 23, 2020 at 7:28 am | Posted in Max Reebo Pick of the Week, Music, Regular Feature | Leave a comment

Max Reebo’s pick this week is “Kick You When You’re Down” off AC/DC’s new album Power Up.

AC/DC is one of my favorite bands. The last time I saw them was in St. Louis for their Rock or Bust tour. After that, they did a show in Kansas City, then Brian Johnson had to quit the tour because of damage to his ear drums. They got Axel Rose to finish off the tour, then their bass player Cliff announced he was retiring. Their long time drummer Phil Rudd was in legal trouble and doing some jail time. It looked really bad for the future of the band.

Then, with all the bad things in 2020, AC/DC got back together and cut a new album. Brian was back. Cliff was back. Phil was back. It was like old times.

Having already listened to the new album a bunch since it came out in October, I’d have to say “Kick You When You’re Down” is my favorite. There’s a lot of good songs, but to me, that one is the stand out.

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