January 2021 Star Wars Solicitations

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Marvel has released their comic solicitations for January 2021. Here’s the Star Wars rundown.


Star Wars #10
Writer: Chalres Soule
Artist: Jan Bazaldua
Cover Artist: Carlo Pagulayan
Variant Covers: Terry Dodson, Chris Sprouse (ESB variant), John Tyler Christopher (action figure variant)

OF ONE OF THEIR OWN, THE REBELS FINALLY SEE A PATH FORWARD! THE REBELS attempt to create a new communications code that THE EMPIRE will never be able to crack, in hopes that they might be able to safely reunite their scattered fleet and rejoin the fight. However, the code has a cost, one that LANDO CALRISSIAN is not willing to pay! Meanwhile, STARLIGHT SQUADRON, the group of elite pilots tasked with finding the scattered divisions of the fleet, heads out on its first deadly mission.

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99
Release Date: January 6, 2021

The High Republic #1
Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Ario Anindito
Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Variant Covers: Ario Anindito, Sway, Ashley Witter, Pascal Banche and Gonzalo Kenny

BEFORE THE SKYWALKER SAGA! THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE JEDI! A new era of STAR WARS storytelling begins. It is centuries before the SKYWALKER SAGA. The JEDI are at their height, protecting the galaxy as REPUBLIC pioneers push out into new territories. As the Frontier prepares for the dedication of majestic STARLIGHT BEACON, PADAWAN KEEVE TRENNIS faces the ultimate choice — will she complete her Jedi Trials or rescue the innocent from disaster? New Jedi! New ships! New evils to fight!

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99
Release Date: January 6, 2021


Darth Vader #9
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Rafaele Ienco
Cover Artist: Aaron Kuder
Variant Covers: Raffaele Ienco, and Chris Sprouse (ESB variant)

THE ASSASSIN RETURNS! In his search for vengeance in the depths of MUSTAFAR, DARTH VADER has seized the mysterious key to the EMPEROR’S greatest secret. But the key itself needs a key — which only the deadly assassin OCHI OF BESTOON seems to have. Vader and Ochi are in for the fight of their lives with the fate of the Emperor in the balance — but how much of this is all PALPATINE’S plan? And what happens when the SITH LORD and the SITH ASSASSIN start to figure that plan out?

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99
Release Date: January 13, 2021


Doctor Aphra #7
Writer: Alyssa Wong
Artist: Ray-Anthony Height
Cover Artist: Sway
Variant Cover: Jenny Frison

THE OFFER! Hired by DOMINA TAGGE, APHRA sets her sights on a mysterious piece of tech that could shift the balance of the galactic civil war. Her hunt takes her to CORELLIA… and to SANA STARROS’ doorstep! But Aphra’s not the only one on Corellia with an eye on the tech…!

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99
Release Date: January 20, 2021


Bounty Hunters #9
Writer: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Cover Artist: Mattia De Lulis
Variant Cover: Chris Sprouse (ESB variant)

THE “TERMINUS GAUNTLET” CONTINUES! Trapped on a REBEL transport under attack by pirates, VALANCE must make a desperate gambit to survive. But little does the cyborg bounty hunter know he’s on a collision course with his old rival, DENGAR! Plus, a familiar face makes a shocking return with a plan that will change the underworld forever.

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99
Release Date: January 27, 2021

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