Retro Reviews: ‘Twilight Company’ by Alexander Freed

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Battlefront: Twilight Company is an adult novel written by Alexander Freed. It was released in November of 2015.

Depending on who you ask, this can either be considered a fantastic story, or a rough and terrible story. I happen to think it’s somewhere in the middle. I personally love the plot of the book, and Alexander Freed does a good job writing his main character, Namir. However, for being an ensemble book, it does have difficulty fleshing out the other major characters.

That being said, Gadren is one of my favorite characters in the book, despite his few pages of “screentime”. He takes the place of the tough, big guy who’s really a softy at heart. I think that there are ample opportunities to use him more, whether it be comics, novels, or short stories. Continue Reading Retro Reviews: ‘Twilight Company’ by Alexander Freed…

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