Max Reebo’s Pick of the Week: “Slippin”

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Max Reebo’s pick this week is “Slippin” by The Fumes.

It’s a song you’ve never heard by a band you’ve never heard of, most likely. The Fumes is an Australian band formed in 2002 around vocalist and guitarist Steve Merry. Early on they were two man band with drummer Joel Battersby, but now it’s a three man band with Jacob Mann on drums, and Ryan Hazell on bass. They’ve put out a couple albums and EP’s, but they never really hit stardom. Despite that, Steve Merry has some pretty awesome guitar riffs and the band’s song list is worth a listen. From softer songs like “Slippin” to some harder stuff like “Cuddle With the Devil.”

“Slippin” appears on their 2006 album Guns of Gold, back when the band was just Steve and Joel.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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