Retro Reviews: ‘Tarkin’ by James Luceno

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Tarkin, by James Luceno, is the second adult novel written in the canon, released in November 2014.

To start with, it should be noted that James Luceno is no stranger to Star Wars novels at the point of this book’s release. Luceno had already written eight adult novels for Star Wars, including the ever popular Darth Plagueis

James Luceno did a decent job with this book. As expected, this book focuses on the character of Tarkin. Not only is he the main character of the novel, but his backstory is also explained in-depth. I would not have expected his backstory to actually be so interesting, but James Luceno does an excellent job of weaving it throughout the main plot of the book. There are no chapters entirely of flashbacks, but rather short, one or two page long exposition dumps that adequately serve the purpose of the book. Continue Reading Retro Reviews: ‘Tarkin’ by James Luceno…

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