Author Holocron Series: A.C. Crispin

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As A.C. Crispin, Ann wrote the popular Han Solo Trilogy for Star Wars, a back story set before the events of A New Hope. She’s authored works for Star Trek and the miniseries V as well as original works such as the StarBridge series. More recently, she wrote for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with The Price of Freedom.


Ann Carol Crispin was born in Stamford, Connecticut on April 5, 1950 to parents George Arthur Tickell and Eleanor Hope Hooker. She went to college at the University of Maryland and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature in 1972. Her first published novel was Yesterday’s Son, a Star Trek novel that explores Spock’s discovery that he has a son. It was the first Star Trek novel, other than the movie novelizations, to hit the New York Times Bestseller List. The previous New York Times Bestseller for the Star Trek franchise was The Wrath of Khan by Vonda N. McIntyre, who would later write the Star Wars novel The Crystal Star, which was also a New York Times Bestseller. The fact that both authors had such success in Star Trek certainly helped them in being selected to write for Star Wars. The remarkable point is that they both succeeded in the two biggest sci-fi franchises of all time, a testament to their writing talents. Continue Reading Author Holocron Series: A.C. Crispin…

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