Max Reebo’s Pick of the Week: “Shoot From the Hip”

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Max Reebo’s pick this week is “Shoot From the Hip” by Brothers Osborne.

Brothers Osborne is a country band I’ve recently come across while searching for new bands. They’ve been around since 2013, but the two brothers in the band have been playing music since they were teenagers. The band composed of T.J. Osborne (lead vocals) and John Osborne (lead guitar, background vocals). Here’s some fun trivia. T.J. is short for Thomas John, and John’s middle name is Thomas. They’re dad, Thomas John Osborne, was not the most creative when it came to naming.

They released their first single in 2013, and their first EP the next year. Their first album wouldn’t hit outlets until 2016, and to this day, they only have two albums and a live album. They’ve won some awards, hit some top 40 charts, and had some pretty good success so far.

“Shoot From the Hip” isn’t actually on any of their albums. It’s from their 2014 EP self-titled Brothers Osborne. I’ve found quite a few songs I like by them, so they’re worth checking out.

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