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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Book News

  • Polygon has an exclusive look at the upcoming YA novel Poe Dameron: Free Fall by Alex Segura. It will shed light on Poe’s past and his connection to Zorii Bliss.
  • Del Rey has move the release date back for Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising (book one of Timothy Zahn’s new trilogy). It was scheduled for May 5 and it will now by October 6th. As compensation for the bad news, they revealed a new book design they’re toying with that has blue edged pages.

  • Elsewhere on Twitter, Clayton Sandell teased some info on Project Luminous.

Comic News

Fandom News

  • Go Creative Show has a quick interview with The Mandalorian cinematographer Baz Idoine who talks a little about baby Yoda.
  • Screenrant has some leaked footage from the cancelled Underworld TV show that George Lucas worked on. It’s some rough test footage and then some behind the scenes for it.

  • Saturday Night Live has uploaded some videos from the Adam Driver hosted show, including his new “Undercover Boss” skit.
  • Here’s the latest episode of The Star Wars Show which is switching to a monthly format and is splitting the news off into a weekly show.

  • Here’s the debut episode of This Week in Star Wars.

Movie & Television News

  • Star Wars Resistance season two will be hitting Disney+ on February 25th.

Toy & Collectible News

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