New Releases: ‘Doctor Aphra #35’, ‘Star Wars Adventures #24’, ‘TIE Fighter #5’ & More

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There are five new Star Wars comic releases out today.

Doctor Aphra #35

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artists: Wilton Santos, and Andrea Broccardo
Cover Artist: Ashley Witter
Variant Cover: Greg Smallwood (greatest moments variant)

“UNSPEAKABLE REBEL SUPERWEAPON” PART IV – It’s time for DOCTOR APHRA to do what she does best: honor her commitments, help people in need, do the right thing. Hahaha, nope, the people she’s swindling won’t buy that either. Unlucky for them, she’s always two steps ahead. Unlucky for her, the steps lead directly to Coruscant, and into the arms of an old enemy…

Details: 32 Pages, Rated T, $3.99

TIE Fighter #5 (of 5)

Writer: Jody Houser
Artists: Roge Antonio, and Juan Gedeon
Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Variant Covers: Jeff Langevin (character variant), and Yasmine Putri (variant cover)

THE EMPIRE STRIKES! The mission is to deal a devastating blow to THE REBELLION. Can the squadron come together in time to complete the mission? And will any survive the fight?

Details: 32 Pages, Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars Adventures #24

Writer: Ian Flynn
Artist: Troy Little
Cover Artists: Megan Levens (Cover A), Bracchi (Cover B), Stefano Simeone (Cover RI)

With hotshot Rebellion pilot Poe Dameron captured by pirates, it’s up to BB-8-and Rapier Squadron-to save the day! The first of three issues spotlighting the Sequel Trilogy!

Details: $3.99

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion — Villains TPB

Writers: Greg Pak, and Si Spurrier
Pencillers: Marc Laming, and Caspar Wijngaard
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel

The Age of Star Wars — an epic series of adventures uniting your favorite characters from all eras — reaches the iconic villains of the Original Trilogy! Boba Fett has earned his reputation as one of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters, but what heart — if any — beats under that Mandalorian armor? Fury burns deep inside Darth Vader when a mere moff dares command him — but at what point does Vader show his true mettle? Discover what makes the name of Jabba the Hutt so feared across the galaxy! Behold the secret story of Grand Moff Tarkin! And get to know the cold, calculating assassin droid known as IG-88! Collecting STAR WARS: AGE OF REBELLION — BOBA FETT, DARTH VADER, JABBA THE HUTT and GRAND MOFF TARKIN, and material from STAR WARS: AGE OF REBELLION SPECIAL.

Details: 128 pages, Rated T, $17.99

Star Wars Vol. 11: The Scourging of Shu-Torun TPB

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Pencillers: Andrea Broccardo, and Angel Unzueta
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel

Kieron Gillen’s run reaches its cataclysmic end! With her planet under threat, a brave royal battles to save it! No, not Princess Leia — this time it’s Queen Trios of Shu-Torun, ally to Darth Vader and the Empire! And Leia is the one on the attack, with an all-star team and a plan her enemy won’t see coming! But some members of Leia’s squad have schemes of their own. Meanwhile, Kanchar returns with his amazing cybernetic arm. And Luke Skywalker must hold out against the overwhelming force of…his own allies?! Plus: Just when you think things couldn’t get worse for the rebels, they must find a way to survive an orbital bombardment! Will anyone escape Shu-Torun alive? Collecting STAR WARS (2015) #62-67.

Details: 144 pages, Rated T, $17.99

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