On Station At Celebration: Day 1

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Day one at Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 was the easy day. No panels, no stress. It was a day to roam the con floor, explore the convention center, check out all the booths and experience the cool stuff on the Exhibition hall.

It all starts in the outside queue, however.

On day one, we were stuck outside in this big white tent, which was not heated. It’s chilly in Chicago, and at least the tent saved us from the wind chill, but it would have been a lot nicer queuing inside (which is what they did for day two).

There was a lot to see on the show floor, including a stormtrooper face made of LEGO minifigs.

Gentle Giant’s spider Maul which looks really nice ($200).

And a great looking Amanaman.

The swoop bike from The Mandalorian.

Large scale props you can take photos with like a TIE fighter, a snowspeeder, an X-wing, the Rogue One tank, Ewoks, Jabba and more.

There’s a mouse droid racing track where kids get to race mouse droids around.

There’s the Falcon experience where you walk around on the Falcon and get pictures.

The Rancho Obi-Wan area.

There’s also the giant mural.

Something new with Chicago is that there is a central spot on the show floor which has a second story that overlooks everything (there’s restaurants and stuff up there). Great place for pictures.

There’s also no big black curtain bordering off the autograph area, so you can catch a glimpse of the celebrities from a distance. Or, if you go up to the second story perch with a camera and a lot of zoom, you can pretend to be a TMZ photographer.

What could Timothy Zahn and Sam Witwer be discussing? A Maul book?

After a full day of walking laps around the con floor, I ended the day at the Rebel Force Radio party at Reggies, which was cool. They had High Adventure there, Bill Mac brought Puppet Lando, Kevin Lyle did some trivia, Anthony Forest talked about working on A New Hope, and Jimmy’s son jammed out playing some blues music. It was a good time.

For not having any panels, Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day. Not sure I’d want them to do this every year, but it worked out.

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