New Releases: ‘Grand Moff Tarkin #1’, ‘Princess Leia #1’, ‘Tales From Vader’s Castle Box Set’ & ‘The Escape TPB’

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Marvel has three new Star Wars releases today and IDW has one as well.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Grand Moff Tarkin #1

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Marc Laming
Cover Artists: Terry and Rachel Dodson (regular cover), Mike McKone (puzzle piece variant)

THE SOUL OF THE DEATH STAR! The EMPIRE has built the deadliest weapon the galaxy has ever seen. But even the most ruthless Imperial officer might hesitate before unleashing the DEATH STAR’s power to kill millions in an instant. Behold the secret story of GRAND MOFF TARKIN, the horrors that honed his resolve and the terrifying steps he takes to ensure that the Death Star lives up to its deadly name!

Details: 32 pages, One-Shot, Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Princess Leia #1

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Chris Sprouse
Cover Artists: Terry and Rachel Dodson (regular cover), Mike McKone (puzzle piece variant), Giuseppe Camuncoli and Elia Bonetti (connecting promo variant)

BOUNTY HUNTER PRINCESS! With HAN SOLO frozen in carbonite in the palace of JABBA THE HUTT, PRINCESS LEIA prepares for a daring rescue by taking on the identity of the bounty hunter BOUSHH. But in order to succeed, she’ll have to prove herself in her new identity to the ruthless bounty hunter BOSSK! With her life and all of her principles on the line, how far will Leia go to rescue a scoundrel? Co-starring CHEWBACCA and LANDO, who almost certainly have a bad feeling about this!

Details: 32 pages, One-Shot, Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars: Tales From Vader’s Castle Box Set

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Derek Charm
Cover Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Collecting all five issues of the popular event series! If you missed “Vader’s Castle” before, here’s your chance to read all the spooky tales from a galaxy far, far away… This set features the original covers by award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla without logos, plus a very special sketch variant of #1-perfect for conventions or in-store signings!

Details: $29.99

Star Wars Vol. 10: The Escape TPB

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Pencillers: Andrea Broccardo, and Angel Unzueta
Cover Artist: Jamal Campbell

You can escape the horror of the galaxy — but only for a while. In the wake of disaster, our heroes are on the run from a resurgent Galactic Empire. Unable to escape the patrols, they find themselves trapped on a distant world. But where have they been abandoned? And how can they possibly survive? While the rebels try to figure out their situation, romance might be in the air between Luke Skywalker and Tula — and also between Han Solo and Princess Leia! But there’s little time for emotions for the stranded rebels — not when enormous, ravenous monsters are on the loose! And not when their hideaway turns out to not be so secret after all and old foes close in! Collecting STAR WARS (2015) #56-61.

Details: 144 Pages, Rated T, $17.99

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