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Doing something a little different this week. First off, before we dive into a long list of reviews, I want to point out my top five picks this week which might save you some reading time, and I’d like to include some honorable mentions. Then be sure to check out the full list of reviews as there’s a lot of great ones out there and some news ones I’ve listened to.

This Week’s Top Five

  1. My Star Wars Story Episode 28
  2. The Geek Supreme Disnified Adult Muppet Situations
  3. Blast Points Podcast Episode 133
  4. Kanata’s Castle Episode 36
  5. Comic Book Noob Shazam

Honorable Mentions

  • Tarkin’s Top Shelf dives into Thrawn: Alliances in Episode 42
  • Talking Bay 94 interviews Mark Austin (Boba Fett in A New Hope Special Edition) in Episode 12
  • And you can listen to me on Wookiee Radio in Episode 76

Now here is this week’s Podcasts in Review…

501stCast: Episode 111 covers The Clone Wars news, new approved costumes for the 501st, troop reports and upcoming events. I like the little Star Wars commercial segments in this one. Nice addition.

Podcast Network: N/A 
Runtime: 31 minutes
Audio Quality: Excellent
Editing: Excellent
Hosts: Nicky, Joe, and Marcus
Rating: Good

Blast Points Podcast: Episode 133 kicks off with the Episode IX casting news, and they have some fun with it. Hand it to Blast Points to make the news segment entertaining. Then they go into their main discussion which covers the first official Star Wars convention which was back in 1987. They bring on special guest Richard Woloski from Skywalking Through Neverland to talk about it since he was there. They set the stage for what 1987 was like for Star Wars fans, then they dive into what they deem Star Wars Celebration Zero. They talk about the guests, the panels, the cosplay, what was there, the Archive Room, and Rich talks about video taping the George Lucas panel and grabbing a one of a kind collectible. Great episode and lots of fun. I highly recommend giving this one a listen.

Podcast Network: N/A
Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes
Audio Quality: Excellent
Editing: Excellent
Hosts: Jason, and Gabe
Rating: Great Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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