Movie Review: ‘Ocean’s Eight’

June 25, 2018 at 2:43 pm | Posted in Movies, Reviews | Leave a comment

Ocean’s Eight is pretty much just another Ocean’s film but with a different cast. You get a group of colorful characters, put them on a heist that has several layers, and you let the fun play out. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a fun little movie.

Now I’ve seen most of the Ocean’s movies. From Ocean’s Eleven to the original back in 1960, but I sort of fell off the train with Ocean’s Twelve. Ocean’s Eight felt more like the original. They didn’t get too carried away with all the intersecting storylines of all the thieves and overly complicated plots. That’s not to say it’s simple, it’s just the right amount. As all the trailers have shown, Sandra Bullock is the lead in the role of Debbie Ocean. Her brother, Danny Ocean, is portrayed to be dead. Fresh out of jail, she has a score in mind so she starts putting together a crew and the wheels start turning.

Again, it’s a lot of interesting characters in a heist movie and they keep it entertaining. Now some might try it labeling it an all female reboot of the franchise, much like what they did with Ghostbusters, but I didn’t see that movie yet so I can’t comment. Regardless of that, it’s not really a reboot since this film is set in the same universe as the other Ocean’s movies. There’s some familiar characters with cameos and it’s all one big universe, so it’s not like the previous movies didn’t happen. And the all girl crew makes since for the heist they pull. I think it worked out really well.

As is, I give Ocean’s Eight a four out of five metal bikinis. If you like the Ocean’s movies, or heist movies in general, it’s worth a watch. Maybe not worth the price of a cinema ticket, but definitely worth checking out at some point.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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