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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Comic News

  • The latest issue of A Star Wars Comic is out today.
  • Adventures in Poor Taste has a preview of Lando – Double or Nothing #1.

Convention & Event News

  • Phoenix Comicon is May 24 to 27 in Phoenix, AZ. Star Wars guests include Steve Blum, Katie Cook, Joe Corroney, Tim Curry, Delilah S. Dawson, Jason Fry, Adi Granov, Tom Hodges, R. A. Salvatore, Charles Soule, Chuck Wendig, and Wil Wheaton.
  • MantiCon is May 25 to 27 in Minneapolis, MN. Star Wars guests include Timothy Zahn.
  • Star Wars: Galactic Nights is May 27 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Lilac City Comicon is June 2 to 3 in Spokane, WA. Star Wars guests include Daniel Logan, and Timothy Zahn.
  • Origins is June 13 to 17 in Columbus, OH. Star Wars guests include Timothy Zahn.
  • All*Star Comic Con is June 15 to 17 in Tysons Corner, VA. Star Wars guests include Jason Aaron, John Jackson Miller, and Brian Muir.
  • Westercon is July 4 in Denver, CO. Star Wars guests include Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Bell County Comic Con is August 3 to 5 in Belton, TX. Star Wars guests include Timothy Zahn.
  • Tampa Bay Comic Con is August 3 to 6 in Tampa Bay, FL. Star Wars guests include Kevin J. Anderson.
  • Dragon Con is August 30 to September 3 in Atlanta, GA. Star Wars guests include Kevin J. Anderson.
  • FanX is September 6 to 8 in Salt Lake City, UT. Star Wars guests include Tim Curry, Delilah S. Dawson, Kevin Hearne, Paul Reubens, and Brent Spiner.
  • Star Wars Celebration 2019 is April 11 to 15 in Chicago, IL.

Fandom News

  • Disney has announced the opening dates for Galaxy’s Edge. The one at Disneyland will open summer 2019 and the one in Walt Disney World will open late fall 2019. Not exact but it does give people something to go on.

Movie & Television News

  • Solo may be out, but you can still check out this behind the scenes featurette.

  • Variety also has an article on Solo giving a look at how the movie came to be.
  • Stepping away from Star Wars, there’s some new trailers out. I love westerns, and this one looks great. The Sisters Brothers will be out sometime later this year.

  • It’s hard to make a spook movie these days that stands out, and Down a Dark Hall doesn’t do that, but if you like spook movies, you might want to check it out in August. It looks halfway decent.

  • Getting back to westerns, there is Damsel, which also looks really good. Glad to see westerns making a comeback. It’ll be out next month, June 22nd.

  • They’re remaking Papillon. Not sure how I feel about this one as I really liked the original, and the new cast sure ain’t no Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. It’ll be out in August.

  • If you like cheesey, dumb action movies and old B-list actors, then you might want to check out Black Water as it team sup Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. It’ll be out next month but this is one you’ll probably want to catch on Netflix.

  • There’s a new Jungle Book movie, this one is called Mowgli. This one is directed by Andy Serkis and has quite the voice cast. It’ll be out in October.

  • This one has a great cast but I’m not sure how exciting it will be. Political thrillers don’t always turn out well, but Shock and Awe has potential. It’ll be out in July.

Toy & Collectible News

  • You can own a piece of the Death Star via this ebay auction.
  • The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society has a new medallion they are offering to help raise funds for The Arc of Pennsylvania. Click here to check out the details and the new Luke Skywalker medallion.
  • Here are the latest Countdown to Solo cards from Topps.
  • Hasbro/Hasbro Pulse will be unveiling a new 6″ Black Series figure today.
  • The Fwoosh has a look at the S.H. Figuarts Crait Luke Skywalker figure. They also have a look at the S.H. Figuarts Emperor Palpatine, Wicket, and Jar Jar.
  • Yak Face has a roundup of the rest: Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Ghost, Jawa, R5-D4, new clonetroopers, Han Solo in Carbonite, and Yoda.
  • And if you watched the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, they confirmed Hasbro is making a 6″ L3-37.
  • Hot Toys revealed their deluxe 1/6th scale Solo Han Solo figure.
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