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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points Podcast: Episode 111 is a listener email and voicemail episode as they go through feedback and answer listener questions. They talk about The Empire Strikes Back Danish documentary, excitement over the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, Solo thoughts, favorite Star Wars things and more. Fun episode.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 1 hour 15 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jason, and Gabe, Rating: Fun

Brews and Blasters: Episode 156 kicks off with Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They talk Cloverfield Paradox, 8 bit The Last Jedi, listener feedback, they get into some sandwich discussions, and they go over the Jaina Solo 6″ Black Series figure for Need’em Got’em. Fun episode.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 49 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Joe, and Chris, Rating: Fun

Children of the Force: Episode 97 celebrates their third anniversary as they go over the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, whether this means we’ll see mature Star Wars content, new Solo images and EW’s coverage, a clip from their first episode, and their favorite things from the past three years. Good Solo discussion.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 1 hour 1 minute, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Al, Anna, and Liam, Rating: Fun

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 109 features Dan, Jason Fry and and Lindsey Romain as they talk fandom, social media, having to have an opinion, fan reactions, anxiety, and fan concerns about Solo. Jason talks about writing and approaching story, and they talk about the Solo teaser trailer.

Podcast Network: Coffee With Kenobi, Runtime: 1 hour 6 minutes, Audio Quality: Good, Editing: Excellent, Host: Dan Z, Rating: Good

Comic Book Noob: Klaw and Erik Killmonger is an excellent episode to check out before or after watching Black Panther. They go over the origin of both characters and their backstories. They touch on the differences between the characters in the comics and the films, and their reading recommendations. Note this was recorded prior to the release of the film so there’s no spoilers for the movie.

Podcast Network: Assembly of GeeksRuntime: 31 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Scott, Regina, and Matt, Rating: Great

DorkLair: Episode 26 features Bill and Chris Marino as they go over some pre-Toy Fair announcements, some non-Star Wars stuff, and then they review the S. H. Figuarts Mace Windu.

Podcast Network: RetroZapRuntime: 56 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Bill, and Chris, Rating: Good

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode 55 goes over listener feedback on Solo, they talk Solo, they go over some of the EW coverage, they talk Black Panther, they go over the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, they talk a little Star Wars Rebels (pre-airing), they play the kiss/marry/kill game for some Star Wars characters, they talk fanfic, slash fic and their ideas on shipping, and for the character discussion segment, they focus on Luke. Good episode.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 1 hour 46 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Teresa, Tricia, and Sarah, Rating: Good

Fly Casual: Episode 168 kicks off with Corey singing, some Magic the Gathering, Tom Brady, Michael Jackson and Tide pods. Then they get into Star Wars, covering latest box office numbers, the Solo trailer, Game of Thrones Star Wars news, and they go off on whether Rian Johnson should get a trilogy. They talk about whether there should be edgy, R-rated Star Wars, George Lucas’ involvement with Solo, and Garrick runs down the toy report.

Podcast Network: Betterkind MediaRuntime: 1 hour 34 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Corey, Steve, Garrick, and Mike, Rating: Good

Full of Sith: Episode CCLVI focuses on Game of Thrones and Star Wars. First they touch on the announcement of the Game of Thrones showrunners doing Star Wars films, their treatment of women, and the lack of diversity with Star Wars creators. Then they go over all of the Game of Thrones actors who have been in Star Wars.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 1 hour 5 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Holly, Bryan, and Mike, Rating: Good

Hyperspace PodBlast: Episode 52 features guest Amy Richau as they talk to her about her 365 Star Wars Women project.

Podcast Network: Hyperspace PodBlastRuntime: 29 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Bryan, and Shelby, Rating: Good

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode 179 Tim talks about what books he would like to add to his Star Wars collection, his Jedi library wish list.

Podcast Network:  Less Than 12 ParsecsRuntime: 9 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Tim, Rating: Good

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode 180 covers Black Panther and how it reminded Tim of Star Wars.

Podcast Network:  Less Than 12 ParsecsRuntime: 6 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Tim, Rating: Good

Me and My Padawan: Episode 10 goes over the Game of Thrones Star Wars news and why that might not be a good thing, listener questions, Revan, scary Jawas, C-3PO and some miscellaneous stuff.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 44 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Ryan, and Braden, Rating: Fun

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 2.9.18 kicks off with F.J. Desanto as they make predictions for Solo. Jason and Jimmy talk about Bob Iger’s earnings call, the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, Iger’s comments on TV shows, and they talk a little about The Last Jedi. Afterwards they talk with guest Corey Helton about Youtini, EU books, how their subscription service came about, how it works, the free bookshelf feature on their website (which is really cool), and more. I’m actually really glad I listened to this episode as I had ignored the Youtini subscription service thinking it was probably just another gimmicky grab for money, but after hearing Corey talk about it, it put it in another perspective. That, and it opened my eyes to the bookshelf feature of their website which doesn’t require any subscription and it lets you keep track of what Star Wars books you have and which ones you’re missing.

Podcast Network: Rebel Force RadioRuntime: 2 hours 16 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jimmy, and Jason, Rating: Good

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 2.16.18 covers Valentine’s Day. They talk Apple ear pods, George Lucas, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars, Kessel Run Falcon features, Kasdan’s comments on the Falcon, other toy info, and they talk Star Wars Rebels.

Podcast Network: Rebel Force RadioRuntime: 2 hours 7 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jimmy, and Jason, Rating: Good

Skytalkers: The Revenge of the Sith Novelization is broken up into the usual three part structure. In part one, they discuss novelizations, what makes a good one, and their thoughts on this one. In part two, they focus on the characters as they talk about Padme, Obi-Wan and Anakin. In part three, they go over their favorite passages from the book. Great episode.

Podcast Network: Star Wars Escape Pods NetworkRuntime: 1 hour 31 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Caitlin, and Charlotte, Rating: Great

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 202 covers Valentine’s Day, and then the rest of the episode focuses on Black Panther. They talk about the history of the character and the various attempts to make a Black Panther movie, they talk with Joseph Decklemeier as they dive into the movie and their thoughts on it (which does get into spoilers), and there’s some clips from the press conference. Great discussion.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 33 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Sarah, and Richard, Rating: Great

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1322 revisits Bob Iger’s comments on Solo from back in March 2017 as Allen speculates on what that information could mean now that we know a bit more about the film.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 11 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Great

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1327 goes over Star Wars Rebels “Jedi Night” and it does go into spoilers.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 12 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Good

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1328 goes over Star Wars Rebels “Dume” and it does go into spoilers.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 10 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Good

Starships, Sabers, and Scoundrels: Episode 48 is their Valentine’s Day episode. Dennis talks about his experience at the local Star Wars hockey night event in his area, they dive into the news and talk about the Solo teaser trailers as they share their thoughts and reactions. They also talk about the Solo posters, the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, Jay goes over the fashion segment, and they have some fun Star Wars Valentine’s messages. Then they talk bounty hunters, go over listener emails, and poll results. Great episode. Lots of fun.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 49 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Dennis, Darth Taxus, and Jay, Rating: Great

Talk Star Wars: Episode 107 features Marc, Rob and Paul as Marc goes over the new StarWarsCommonwealth.com website, wanting to move away from YouTube, and they talk about the Range Trooper in Solo, they speculate some on the film, and dive into listener comms. They talk about mature rated Star Wars, whether there can be too much Star Wars, what Han might be trying to steal in Solo, and they touch on the news. They talk Lord and Miller, the art director for Episode IX, Andy Serkis’ comments on Snoke, and The Last Jedi iTunes release date.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 2 hours 14 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Marc, Rob, and Paul, Rating: Great

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.15.18 covers the toy news out of Toy Fair touching on the 3-3/4″ Millennium Falcon and what clues that might have for the film. Marc also talks about Alden’s comments on the look of Solo, the new LEGO Falcon, the Range Trooper, John Favreau voicing an alien character in Solo, and Daisy Ridley’s comments on Episode IX.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 17 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.16.18 covers Martin Freeman’s interest in Star Wars, over-arcing stories, YouTube, and the Kasdan’s films that influenced Solo.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 19 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.19.18 includes box office updates, covers John Favreau playing the “not Maz” alien, the mud troopers, different versions of the Chewbacca toy for Solo, some of the other figures, and the newly revealed Solo books.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 24 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.20.18 is a bit different as it features Marc, Marc Airey, and Adam Sheldon as they go over the Toy Fair toy news. They talk about the Hasbro 6″ figures, the hover tank, Holdo and others, the Toys R Us Zuckuss exclusive, the Gamorrean guard, Hoth Leia, the vintage line, the Hasbro Millennium Falcon, and Beckett.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 51 minutes, Audio Quality: Great, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Marc, Marc, and Adam, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.21.18 covers how everyone outside of the US has now been spoiled for Star Wars Rebels due to the delayed airings of the show outside of the US (most have to wait 1 to 2 weeks before they’ll see the show). Marc ponders whether the Disney streaming service will have these same issues. He also goes over Solo news, Toy Fair news, and the special features for The Last Jedi Blu-ray.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 19 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

TechnoRetro Dads: Garfield and the Half Bowl of Cap’n Crunch Mystery starts with a dog story. They talk Winter Olympics, jokes, they cover the news, discuss Greatest American Hero, the V movie, DeLoreans, War Games hactivist thing, new Ready Player One poster, Steve Glosson joins them as they go over a cereal crime, they talk about the video game Millipede, the cartoon Garfield and Friends, and they go over listener feedback.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 18 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Shazbazzar, and JediShua, Rating: Fun

The Deucecast Movie Show: Episode 317 features Mikey, Dave, Dr. Earl and Clay as they go over movie anniversaries, play the what’s the word game, and then they discuss documentaries that you should see. As someone who doesn’t typically seek out documentary, this was a really interesting episode as they suggest a lot of different types of documentaries that sound pretty interesting. Good way to get some ideas of docs you might want to check out.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 20 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Dave, Mikey, Dr. Earl, and Clay, Rating: Great

The Geek Supreme: Around the World in the 80 Days they talk Solo teasers, play an Arnold Schwarzenegger game, an 80’s game, and 80’s trivia for Space Balls, Bill & Ted and Goonies.

Podcast Network: Assembly of GeeksRuntime: 54 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Darth Taxus, Scott, Jeff and Regina, Rating: Fun

TSW Round Table: Episode 14 features Rob, Marc, Matt Salvatore and Matt Gilbert as they talk Sith and ritual, Snoke choosing Kylo, the Game of Thrones Star Wars news, speculation, directors and overseeing projects.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 59 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Rob, Rating: Good

Wookiee Radio: Episode 54 features guest Corey Helton from Youtini as they talk about the virtual bookshelf, how Youtini came about, how the subscription works, and Corey sticks with them as they talk about the newly announced Solo books, they talk Solo, the Star Wars hotel, video game news, the Kessel Run Falcon, and the release date for The Last Jedi Blu-ray.

Podcast Network: We Be Geeks NetworkRuntime: 1 hour 10 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Great, Hosts: Ken, Derrick, and Mike, Rating: Good

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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