Movie Review: ‘Winchester’

February 19, 2018 at 4:29 pm | Posted in Movies, Reviews | 1 Comment

Sometimes you just have to wonder why spook movies are release any time of the year other than October. Well it’s February, Winchester hit theaters, and I finally was able to see it. It’s not the best spook movie ever, and it’s not one you have to rush out to the theater to see, but it’s a decent spook movie regardless.

Once titled Winchester: The House That Spirits Built, the title was shortened to just Winchester at some point. There’s a pretty neat premise to the movie that doesn’t really spoil anything. The heiress to the Winchester repeating rifle company fortune becomes obsessed with spirits and spends her money on having rooms constantly built and deconstructed in her mansion. That’s in large part true to real life. However, taking it a step further, she believes she is in touch with the spirits who are victims of Winchester rifles. Through them, she designs the rooms where they died and has them built as additions to her mansion. These rooms are then able to channel the spirits, and she tries to console them so that they may find peace. Each success means the room can be dismembered and rebuilt into a new room. However, any spirit who cannot be comforted and refuses to find peace is locked away in the room with 13 nails until it can find its peace. It’s a good basis to build a story upon. Especially considering the mansion is real (though they didn’t film there for the movie), and that Winchester heiress really was obsessed with ghosts and built the mansion for them. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Winchester’…

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