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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points Podcast: Episode 110 they kick off with the news, the Game of Thrones creators doing Star Wars movies, TV news, Solo EW coverage, and then they discuss the loves of George Lucas. I have to admit, aside from a podcast that did a biography on George, this is the first time I’ve heard a podcast focus on George Lucas’ love life. Great episode. Tons of fun.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 54 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jason, and Gabe, Rating: Great

Bright Tree Radio: Episode 27 breaks down the Solo trailer as they share their thoughts, discuss what they want and don’t want, and more. Very casual conversation with some goofing around.

Podcast Network: Bright Tree RadioRuntime: 1 hour 15 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Sophie, and Phil, Rating: Good

Children of the Force: Reaction Corps – Solo Teasers covers the Solo TV spot and the teaser trailer as they go through each one shot-by-shot. Fun discussion.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 50 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Al, Anna, and Liam, Rating: Fun

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 108 features Dan and Corey as they share their thoughts on Solo. They talk about the TV spot, the teaser trailer, Alden as Han Solo, the other characters, as well as the news of the Game of Thrones creators doing Star Wars films, the amount of diversity with Star Wars creators, and more. Very heavy discussion episode. Good stuff.

Podcast Network: Coffee With Kenobi, Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Dan Z, and Corey, Rating: Great

Comic Book Noob: Infinity War (Part 2) continues their discussion of the Infinity War comic storyline as they get into the comics, the characters, the deletion of half the universe, the devastation, everyone teaming up against Thanos, and their reading recommendations. Great discussion.

Podcast Network: Assembly of GeeksRuntime: 34 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Scott, Regina, and Matt, Rating: Great

Comics With Kenobi: Episode 45 covers news, then they review Star Wars #42 and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Hera. Great reviews as always.

Podcast Network: Coffee With KenobiRuntime: 53 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jeff, and Matt, Rating: Great

Comics With Kenobi: Episode 47 covers news, The Last Jedi comic adaptation being done by Marvel, and they review DJ: Most Wanted. They get into what worked and what didn’t, some of the flaws with the writing, and how the story doesn’t go anywhere. They also review Doctor Aphra #16, and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Rose & Paige.

Podcast Network: Coffee With KenobiRuntime: 1 hour 17 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jeff, and Matt, Rating: Great

Comics With Kenobi: Episode 48 goes over the Diamond comic sales rankings for Star Wars, some non-Star Wars stuff, and they review Star Wars #43. They also go over some listener questions which leads to some fun discussions.

Podcast Network: Coffee With KenobiRuntime: 50 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jeff, and Matt, Rating: Great

DorkLair: Episode 24 Bill and Will talk IKEA shelves, Mezco figures, Hasbro’s The Last Jedi 4-pack, Kotobukiya’s Palpatine, and they review the S.H. Figuarts Chewbacca. They talk about the cost and rarity of the figure, the scale, accessories, sculpt, paint, and articulation. They also have some pre-Solo trailer release discussion. Good episode.

Podcast Network: RetroZapRuntime: 1 hour 23 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Bill, and Will, Rating: Good

DorkLair: Episode 25 covers the current prices for Padme, Mezco, looking toward Toy Fair, and they review the S.H. Figuarts K2-S0. They touch on the paint app, articulation, accessories, and scale.

Podcast Network: RetroZapRuntime: 56 minutes, Audio Quality: Great, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Bill, and Bryan, Rating: Good

Idiot’s Array: Episode 60 they share their thoughts on the Solo teaser trailer and their thoughts in general on the movie. They talk about the casting, they speculate, guess on what cameos we might see, and more. Good discussion, they keep it positive.

Podcast Network: Making Star WarsRuntime: 41 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Mark, Ryder, and Alan, Rating: Good

Magic on a Dollar: Episode 18 covers Disney news, Hollywood Studios name not changing, ticket prices, transit, and then Dave goes over his favorite Disney couples (for Valentine’s Day).

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 41 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Dave, Rating: Good

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 2.2.2018 covers Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi. They talk George Lucas and the beard, as well a George Lucas impersonator. They talk about Saturday Night Live and Adam Driver. They discuss actors who have had large time gaps in between the same roles in relation to Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. They also cover some of Rian Johnson’s recent interviews with some audio highlights. Good episode.

Podcast Network: Rebel Force RadioRuntime: 2 hours 18 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Jimmy, and Jason, Rating: Good

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 201 goes over the Star Wars/Game of Thrones news, then they talk with Dee Tails about the Han Solo teaser trailer. It’s a great conversation that’s a lot of fun. Definitely worth checking out.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 7 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Sarah, and Richard, Rating: Great

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1315 covers Lando in the Solo teaser trailers. From the five shots of Lando to the fan reaction despite the lack of dialog.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 10 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Good

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1317 covers the EW article on George Lucas’ involvement with Solo, the Lord and Miller split, and Harrison Ford’s advice.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 10 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Good

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 1319 covers the last name Vos and how Dryden Vos has no connection to Quinlan Vos, and other content from EW’s recent Solo articles.

Podcast Network: N/A, Runtime: 10 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Allen, Rating: Good

Star Wars Report: Episode 317 features a lot of guests. Riley kicks things off with Scott Ryfun and Steve Glosson. Scott leaves and is replaced by Bruce Gibson, and Steve drops off as William Devereux joins them. Teresa Delgado also joins the fun. Throughout all those guests, they discuss Solo and the trailer releases. And, as usual, there’s some Skype issues that are not edited out. It’s not the most organized discussion, but there are a lot of viewpoints.

Podcast Network:  2nd Airborne DivisionRuntime: 1 hour 16 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Non-existent?, Host: Riley, Rating: Okay

Talk Star Wars: Episode 106 features Marc and Rob as they go over listener reviews and listener emails. They talk about the Holdo maneuver, First Order tactics, Mandalorian movies, whether Solo will touch on the Han shot first argument, could we see two Star Wars movies a year, and whether the Game of Thrones creators give us grittier Star Wars. They also talk about the Solo teaser trailers, the posters, L3-37, and they breakdown the trailers. They talk about the look of the Falcon, the characters, and they speculate. They go over the Game of Thrones news, and Bob Iger’s comments on live action TV series and movies. Great discussions.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 2 hours 9 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Marc, and Rob, Rating: Great

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.8.18 covers Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of Solo. Marc talks about the train, what we know about the characters, Alden’s comments, new images, the Falcon‘s interior, how Harrison Ford gave some advice, and the Falcon‘s exterior. Marc also talks about the plot hole in Return of the Jedi about Leia remembering her mother and a fan theory, plus Padme and Kylo and whether there could be a plot for that in Episode IX.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 32 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.9.18 Marc reveals that Tatooine Sons will be joining the Commonwealth podcast network. Marc also covers some more of the EW Solo coverage.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 31 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.12.18 Marc talks about the IFTT Twitter applet, box office, Forbes’ Solo article, George Lucas visiting the Solo set and adding some input.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 23 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.13.18 discusses the differences with the Falcon, and also touches on the villains, and Lord and Miller.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 25 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

Talk Star Wars Daily: Episode 2.14.18 talks about Paul English being the lead art director for Star Wars Episode IX, Andy Serkis’ comments on Snoke, ABC News clip of Star Wars Rebels, and George Lucas being in Ireland.

Podcast Network: Star Wars CommonwealthRuntime: 22 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Host: Marc, Rating: Good

TechnoRetro Dads: Happy Love Week From the Heart of John Cusack RomComs they talk Valentine’s Day/Love Week, cereal, news, the Tron ride, Mario, new cereals, the band Heart, the video game Ms. Pac-Man and John Cusack movies.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 18 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Shazbazzar, and JediShua, Rating: Fun

The Deucecast Movie Show: Episode 316 kicks off with Burgess as he goes over his assigned romance movie list and his thoughts on each. Afterwards, Mikey, Dave and Dr. Earl talk about the movies they’re recently watched and the Deucie award nominations. Some of the movies featured include Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO, The Shape of Water, I, Tonya, Hostiles, Happy Death Day, The Phantom Thread, and Mudbound. Fun movie discussions as always.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 52 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Dave, Mikey, and Dr. Earl, Rating: Great

The Sandcrawler: Episode 45 covers what they’ve been up to, listener emails, wizard word responses, toy news, recent acquisitions, the Solo teaser trailers, Hasbro moving product launches closer to movie release dates, and their thoughts on Hasbro.

Podcast Network: RetrozapRuntime: 1 hour 47 minutes, Audio Quality: Excellent, Editing: Excellent, Hosts: Dan, and Mac, Rating: Fun

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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