Movie Review: ‘Hostiles’

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Hostiles is not your typical modern western. It’s not pumped up with action, there’s not gratuitous gatling gun scene, and there are no explosions. It’s also not your classic western with cowboys fighting indians. This film strives for something different. It’s a drama set during the west that zeroes in on two characters as they embark on a dangerous, violent journey across the untamed west.

The film opens with one of the stars, Rosamund Pike, whose family is attacked by indians. Those opening scenes set the mood for the movie. It’s a scenic landscape that is interrupted by actions of violence. A peace broken by savagery. Pike’s character, Rosalie Quaid, becomes a central character for the film as she must deal with the trauma of losing her entire family, and some how finding the strength to live on. Her path eventually crosses Christian Bale, who plays Captain Joseph J. Blocker. Captain Blocker is pretty bluntly racist against Native Americans, having spent his entire military career fighting and killing them. On the eve of retirement, he’s given on last mission – to escort a group of indians to Montana to a sacred indian burial ground, by orders of the President of the United States. It’s a mission he doesn’t want with company he can’t stand. Wes Studi plays Chief Yellow Hawk, Captain Blocker’s nemesis. Together, they must make peace if they want to complete their journey, or kill each other off to end their blood feud.

It’s on that journey that they come upon Rosalie, who joins them, as they cross the frontier on their way to Montana. Along the way, they are met with obstacles and violence. The story is a slow burn with only occasional action here and there. It’s also a dark journey as many people die along the way, good and bad. Yet the characters have plenty of time to shine as they encounter these struggles and have the opportunity to change or die in their old ways. It’s a scenic landscape that backdrops every step of the way. And as can be expected, Christian Bale truly becomes the character he plays, which definitely helps suck the viewer into the story.

Hostiles is definitely not for everyone. It’s a slow paced story with no over the top action. This is very much a drama first and a western second. However, if you like dramas and character driven stories, this one is worth checking out. I give it a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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