Movie Review: ‘It’

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Stephen King movies can be difficult to pull off as there is always the trick of condensing those big books down into a 2 hour time slot. Thus the key is capturing the essence of the book. With Andy Muschietti’s version of It, they capture the book perfectly. It’s not completely accurate to the book, but the essence is there and it feels like the same story. From the casting, to the dialog to the scary clown, this film nails it.

Back in 1990, they tried to bring the story to life with a television mini-series, but it’s pretty rough to watch. Thankfully, this version of It is leaps and bounds better. The casting for the kid actors is spot on and they form a great ensemble. Each fall perfectly into their roles which helps the viewing audience get attached and invested in the story. There’s time to get to know each of them a little, but all the while the creepiness of the town of Derry sets in. The writing does a great job of keeping the story flowing and continually interesting as things get creepier and creepier. It tackles the struggles with bullying, losing a sibling, abusive parents and the ability to overcome everything by finding strength in the friends around you. Even when the greatest danger is an evil entity that takes the form of a clown. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘It’…

Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle is your traditional Hollywood sequel. It’s another does of the same with some variety and a new story. If you liked the first movie, you’ll probably like this one. It’s an action movie that likes to get crazy but keep it fun. It’s enjoyable, but nothing groundbreaking.

There’s a couple things you should probably know before going into the film. Number one – Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum both play very small roles in this movie. Pedro Pascal, the other cowboy in the trailer, gets most of the action scenes involving the Statesman. Pedro does a great job with his role, but I was surprised at how insignificant a part Channing Tatum had in the movie. Julianne Moore has a significant role as she is the main villain of the story, but it’s a very different take on a villain as she plays almost a 50’s motherly villainess. It’s cooky and creepy. Mark Strong also has a significant part, but the two main stars are definitely Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’…

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