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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points: Episode 80 starts off with the news, the George Lucas museum approval, autograph issue, D23, and Forces of Destiny. Then they discuss the game Rebel Assault 2 which leads to a very fun discussion. Great episode.

Blast Points: Episode 82 covers the D23 news on Star Wars land, then they digest the behind the scenes sizzler trailer for The Last Jedi. There’s lots of Star Wars love in this discussion, and a little lunacy as they go crazy for the new aliens, lobsters and sizzler references. Great episode.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 75 features guest hosts Randy Therio and Jay Krebs as they talk teaching with Star Wars and Forces of Destiny. Jason Ward also joins them to weigh in on the Forces of Destiny discussion. They also talk about the Star Wars card game and table top games with Tom, and SDCC Star Wars exclusives. Capping the episode off, Dan has some audio from a conversation he had with Jason and Jimmy Mac at Star Wars Celebration. Good episode.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 76 features guest hosts Ed Dolista and Mike MacDonald. Dan covers some various Star Wars books, then they talk Forces of Destiny, update on Battlefront II which leads to a video game discussion, and they also talk Hallmark. Good episode.

Comics With Kenobi: Episode 32 is a long one coming in at over 2 hours. They review Darth Vader #1, #2, Rogue One #3, Darth Maul #4, Poe Dameron Annual #1, A Star Wars Comic, Poe Dameron #15, Star Wars #32, and Doctor Aphra #8. , though my notes could be a little fuzzy so I may have got one or two of those wrong. Either way, they cover a lot of comics for the month of June.

Disney Vault Talk: Wreck It Ralph covers listener emails, Cars 3, the Han Solo directors, and then they get into Wreck It Ralph. Shazbazzar joins them for a fun discussion.

DorkLair: Episode 2 covers S.H. Figuarts toy updates and then they get into a detailed review of the Padme figure as well as its issues.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Priority Transmission #6 kicks off with them discussing Forces of Destiny, then they talk to one of the writers of the show, Jennifer Muro. They talk about Jyn revealing her full name, Leia’s dress on Endor, fan reactions and more. Fun episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 143 stars with a basketball bit that slides into the recent Star Wars news. Then they get to the real news with Lord and Miller which leads to a discussion on the choice of directors for the new Star Wars films and their love of Ron Howard. They also talk about Mark Hamill getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Star Wars prop auction results, Rogue One heading to Netflix, the Carrie Fisher auction, Forces of Destiny and the target audience, then toy news. Good episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 145 starts off with some funny discussion of net neutrality which is just the beginning of an ongoing episode of hilarity. They talk car issues, POPcon, news, The Last Jedi trailer (prior to the behind the scenes trailer release), Harrison Ford turning 75, a script auction for Ep VIII, Colin Trevero on making a Star Wars movie, Garrick mom jokes, Pablo on canon, the Woody Harrelson Hollywood Reporter article, Thandie Newton, Finn toys, Monopoly Rey, SDCC exclusives, Black Series deals, and the 1:6 Scale ROTJ Luke. I pretty much laughed my way through the entire episode. So much fun.

Full of Sith: Episode CCXXV features Holly and Bryan. Holly talks about the Star Wars costume exhibit in Cincinnati, they talk Forces of Destiny, and then Bryan has the audio from a gaming panel he did that focuses on Star Wars table top gaming. In goes in pretty deep on different gaming systems, mechanics, GMing games, and dealing with players. One of the guests on the panel had a really low volume level which kind of hurts the audio. It’s also pretty specific in its focus, so if you’re not into Star Wars table top games or getting into them, you might want to skip that part.

Grand Moff Talkin’: Episode 10 starts off with Captain D’s, the Han Solo situation, Episode IX, and Forces of Destiny. They they get into a Force discussion via questions posed to them by their listeners. This ends up being the first of a two parter as they talk about midichlorians, Rey’s training and whether the Force surrounds droids. Fun episode with some indepth discussion.

Kanata’s Castle: Episode 11 discusses “Looking for Leia,” the Han Solo directors news, and then they get into the mythology of lightsabers. From the origin of bleeding crystals, to the connection between Rey and Anakin’s lightsaber, Ahsoka and her white crystals, and Vader having to get a new lightsaber. Good discussion.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #001 features Darth Taxus (Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels) as he covers his top five Star Wars parodies.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #002 features Dennis Keithly (Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels) who talks about the dwindling storytelling possibilities for the Big 3.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #003 features David Frishkorn (The Cocky Cockpit) who talk about Han Solo, Lord and Miller, and five favorite Star Wars lines from A New Hope.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #004 features Ash (The Skyhoppers Podcast) who talks about what Star Wars means to her.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #005 features Pavo and Neal (That’s No Moon It’s A Podcast) who talk about their least favorite Star Wars movies.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Guest Host Week #006 features Ryan Dassing (501st Legion) who talks about Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 7.14.2017 features guest Teresa Delgado as they talk D23 (note this episode was recorded prior to D23), the Thrawn novel, Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Rebels, and Filoni and Ahsoka. Nice discussion of the Forces of Destiny episodes. They also talk toys, Rey and Monopoly, and dig into some listener feedback.

Rebels Chat: Episode 84 features an excellent interview with Dave Filoni. They talk to Dave and they get answers, which is quite rare. Dave reveals Agent Kallus’ first name and the reason behind it, whether we will hear female Stormtroopers in the last season of Star Wars Rebels, their thoughts on leveraging Ezra’s parents against him in previous seasons, insight on the Emperor, the voice of the holocron and some backstory, more on Ezra and the dark side, Dave’s comments on Forces of Destiny (stories are all true, just different scale), and more on the Bendu/Ahsoka scene. All in all it’s a fantastic interview that’s Star Wars from beginning to end. It’s also my pick of the week. Don’t miss this one.

Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 32 covers Filoni’s response on Ahoka, the owl and the wolf, the Han Solo stuff and reactions to the issue. They also talk about the new Darth Vader comic and raise a good point about whether Dooku and Maul had to kill Jedi for their lightsaber crystals. Good episode.

Starships, Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 33 covers Forces of Destiny, Disney Legends inductions, latest updates on Star Stalking, and then a lengthy in-depth discussion of the second Darth Bane novel Rule of Two. Jay Krebs joins them for the discussion and they bring up a lot of interesting topics and observations. Good episode.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 78 discusses Dooku, why Obi-Wan couldn’t interfere in Luke’s duel with Vader, breaking the rules in Star Wars, their thoughts on spoilers and trailers, the Bendu/Ahsoka conversation, an update on the Rancho Obi-Wan thefts, Han Solo stuff and the leaked pics. Good episode.

TechnoRetro Dads: Alan Silvestri Scores Gig with Ready Player One includes jokes and zeroes in on music as their ongoing theme through the show as they talk about Paul McCartney, Alan Silvestri, Ready Player One, as wells light cycle rollercoasters, Double Dragon and more. Fun episode.

The Sandcrawler: Episode 30 features guest collector and musician Cory Churko. They talk Star Wars collecting, sports, music and more. It’s a fun conversation and definitely worth a listen. Cory has some good stories.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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