Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Awards Chatter: Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd episode is pretty interesting. I’m more familiar with his father’s movies than I am his, but I have seen a couple. Alex talks about his dad, his first roles, joining the marines, Generation Kill, True Blood and Big Little Lies. Worth checking out.

Blast Points: Episode 76 starts with a little The Last Jedi news, Pablo’s comments on Phasma, Jedi books, the vice admiral and DJ. Plus they cover LEGO reveals, Snoke on an elevator, BB-AD, and the ILM reunion. For the main discussion, they do something really fun. They dive into the old Phantom Menace CommTech chips that Hasbro made. They play every single one. To keep things fun, they try to guess which figure each CommTech chip came with. Great episode.

Children of the Force: Episode 72 features Al, Liam and Nick as they talk about various stuff, Nick’s theories on DJ and the vice admiral in The Last Jedi, they discuss the Canto Bight people, Krennic’s last thoughts, a Yoda impression, then they talk Force Arena. They go deep into Force Arena, so if you haven’t played it, you might get lost in the discussion. Good episode overall. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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