On Station At Celebration: Day 4

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Our recap of day four of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Sunday is typically the quietest day of Celebration, and breezing through the security checkpoint, it looked like that might pan out. There were no big panels on Sunday that I was interested in, so I skipped all the wristbanding and went straight to the queue for the show floor. However, if I had wanted to see anything, there were already two panels that were sold out by 7:40 AM: Hamill Himself and the Closing Ceremony on the main stage.

First things first, I grabbed the last Cardamundi giveaway card. Unfortunately I missed out on Saturday’s so I didn’t get a complete set. Regardless, I didn’t have much on my agenda, so I wandered the show floor a bit then got in line for some author autographs.

I also had a few interviews lined up on Sunday, so I spoke with Tricia Barr, Adam Bray and Cole Horton and the DK booth, and interviewed Timothy Zahn over at the Del Rey booth. The one panel on my list was the John Jackson Miller comic panel which turned out pretty good. John talked about some interesting aspects of comic design I didn’t know anything about. I’ll try and get the audio up for that panel soon assuming no one got good video of it.

While I didn’t think the Closing Ceremony would reveal anything interesting as they’ve always been skippable in the past, I still found myself over by the Star Wars Show live stage just in case. By now, I had figured out where you needed to be in order to both see the livestream and to hear it. You had to go to the right side of the giant TIE fighter as the only crowd facing speakers were way on the right side of the stage. Go figure, this turned out to be the most forgettable closing ceremony ever as they didn’t even say where the next Celebration is going to be.

Fantasy Flight Games Booth

Hasbro Booth

LEGO Diorama Area


As time was running out and this was the last day of the con, there were a few more people I wanted to meet in order to call this one a success. First up I tracked down Scott Ryfun and talked with him and his family about our experiences at Celebration this year. Scott frequently guests on other podcasts like Star Wars Report and Geek Out Loud, but he also has his own Star Wars podcast called My Star Wars Story. Then, as luck would have it, I immediately ran into Jason and Gabe, the hosts of Blast Points. We chatted a bit then did a quick interview on the con floor recording for their next episode (which you can listen to here). These guys are great and if you haven’t checked out their podcast, do so. It’s solid Star Wars fun.

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