On Station At Celebration: Day 3

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Here’s our recap of day three at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Saturday is typically the busiest day of Celebration, but this year all four days ended up being busy. The interesting thing about Saturday this year, though, was the lack of a huge panel with universal draw. Everyone wanted to go to the 40th Anniversary panel and The Last Jedi panel. On Saturday, there was no one panel that drew a humongous crowd.

I got to the convention center at 6:00 AM and wristbands were still available for all panels. The primary panel on my wish list was the Star Wars Rebels panel and the line was a breeze as they had six people giving out wristbands which helped the line move very quickly. I opted to not get any other wristbands that day.

The Rebels panel kicked off at 11:00 AM, but thankfully they seated us early. The panel was great. Dave and the cast members talked about the show, gave some hints to season four, and Dave dropped the bomb that this would be the last season. They played the trailer for the new season, and they played the first episode which was pretty good. For those who were paying extra close attention, Dave wore an “Ahsoka Lives?” shirt and at the end, he changed his shirt to “Ahsoka Lives!”

Afterwards I went to the press panel for Star Wars Rebels were Dave pretended the shirt change never happened, but he and the cast did talk about other things regarding the characters and the show. I’m sure someone will have the audio or video up before I do but I did record the audio for the press panel.

Next up was Christie Golden’s panel at the University room. Christie went over some of her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing and some of the tricks she uses to overcome them. She also shared the recent announcement that her Inferno Squad novel will be a tie-in to the new Battlefront game.

The last panel of the day for me was the Skywalking Through Neverland panel on the Podcast Stage. At Anaheim I missed their panel, so I made sure to see it this time, and I was not disappointed. This was easily the funnest panel I went to during the whole con. They worked the audience to perfection, went through the highlights of 40 years of Star Wars complete with trivia and giveaways, did a singalong for Life Day, artist Randy Martinez did a shortened version of the Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics show, and they did a tribute to Carrie Fisher. It was a blast and a great way to end the day.

Randy Martinez

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