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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 111 is hosted by Joe and special guest Tyler Westhause. They talk Star Wars Celebration, Drowning in Moonlight, there’s some movie discussion, some Star Wars Rebels and a bunch of other stuff, including JNCO jeans. Lots of fun as always.

Fauxthentic History: The Lost Culture of Alderaan covers what Alderaan was like, the planet’s geography, landmarks, how their society worked, their culture, wine, architecture, history, Bail and Leia’s roles, and what happened post-destruction. Very informative, they include info from the films and beyond.

Fauxthentic History: The Eugenics War goes over the origin of Khan, the super soldiers, the Chrysalis Project, and different versions of the history. It’s quite an elaborate backstory that I’ve never heard before, which makes me really curious where all these ideas were laid out and explored. I didn’t realize Khan’s history overlaps with our own history. Very enlightening. Note this episode was recorded live at SLCC, but it still has really good audio quality.

Fauxthentic History: The Death of Jason Todd goes over one of the incarnations of Robin (as in Batman and Robin). Now I’m not overly familiar with the Batman comic lore, so the Jason Todd Robin is one I’m not familiar with, which made this episode really enjoyable as I was able to learn something new. They go over Jason Todd’s whole story, how he became Robin, and how he eventually met his end. Great episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 126 starts with some scotch and Louie Anderson, then they get into reviews for Poe Dameron #11 and Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore”. They touch on the shortcomings of the Poe Dameron comic series and its inability to explore Poe or the timeline since everyone is waiting on The Last Jedi. They also get into all the tropes in “Legacy of Mandalore.” Afterwards they get into rumors of a new release for the original trilogy, Jar Jar, The Last Jedi rumors and rumors on teaser content. Good episodes except for the high notes at the end :)

ForceCenter: Episode 53 covers Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig after they touch on a little news. This is a spoiler discussion, and a good one as they dive into the characters, the big plot points and the interludes.

Full of Sith: Episode CCVII features Bryan, Holly and special guest David Collins as they talk Star Wars Celebrations past, voice acting for The Force Awakens, how it differed from Rogue One, and working on Star Wars: Battlefront. Dave shares a fun Temuera Morrison story and they talk a little music. Great episode.

Geek Directive: The Reviews of Logan and the Crushers of Wexley features guest Regina Davis as they talk bowling, Jason Isaac playing a Star Trek captain, Iron Fist and Marvel tv shows. There’s a John Fallon segment on Buster Crabbe, and Matt joins them for a discussion on Logan. Good episode.

Jedi Beat: Episode #10 is an outstanding look at the life of Carrie Fisher. Educational, eye opening and professionally done, this episode covers Carrie’s entire life and it’s like watching an episode on the Biography channel, except here you get to listen to it. A must listen and my pick of the week.

Hangin’ With Team Kanan: Episode 29 is just Johnamarie and Jeremy as they discuss Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore” and “Through Imperial Eyes.”

Kanata’s Castle: Episode 2 starts with a little Star Wars Rebels discussion and news. Then they get into Luke’s celibacy, and romantic encounters in Star Wars. That leads to Jag and Jaina, Thane and Cienna, Padme and Anakin, Obi-Wan and Satine, Han and Leia, Jyn and Cassian and Asajj and Vos. Good episode.

Kanata’s Castle: Episode 3 starts with them geeking out on news and their plans for Celebration, then they have a very interesting discussion on the Force and the Skywalker family which leads to some speculation and theorizing as they get into the sequel trilogy realm. Good episode.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 3.10.2017 covers a little Smuggler’s Revenge as they talk about Kyle Newman, they get into Star Wars characters taking a beating, and they touch on the J.J. Abram’s commentary for The Force Awakens but no commentary for Rogue One. That leads to a Josh Kushins discussion, the writer for the Art of Rogue One book, and a Swank t-shirt story as they get into Celebration. There’s a lengthy discussion of their new Patreon rewards, and they dive into Bob Iger’s investor call and the comments on The Last Jedi. They weigh the pros and cons of a summer release for the Han Solo movie, and more.

Rebel Yell: Trials of the Darksaber and Legacy of Mandalore features Steve, Erich and author Jason Fry as they talk Mandalorians and breakdown both episodes of Star Wars Rebels. Good episode.

Rebel Yell: Through Imperial Eyes features Steve, Erich and Shazbazzar as they warm up with some Oscars discussion and movie talk. Then they get to Star Wars Rebels as they dive into Kallus, Yularen and Thrawn. They pick apart Thrawn’s deduction, get into Kallus’ careful deception of List, review the objects in Thrawn’s office, and poke some criticism at having a blind Kanan flying the ship. Plus there’s some fun with Thrawn and music, and an Auralnauts tangent at the end. Very entertaining episode.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 159 begins with a rundown on upcoming events, and the rest is almost all fully devoted to Tangled as they talk about the upcoming TV show and provide audio of the Tangled Q&A. But there is some more after that as they have a Skywalker story segment, listener feedback, and guest Dale Wentland who talks about his podcast Discovering Star Wars. Good episode.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 982 goes over when the next Celebration will be, the recently announced Star Wars Rebels panel, and a rundown of the current guests.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 985 gets into the Rogue One visual guide as Allen talks about C2-B5, mouse droids and other interesting notes in the book.

Star Wars Counseling: Episode 3 covers why lightsabers sometimes cause people to bleed and sometimes don’t, as well as the tendency of characters to hide without changing their last name. Joseph attempts to rationalize both issues with some interesting ideas.

Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive #63 focuses on the Masters of the Universe figure Spikor. From the character’s backstory to the figure’s use as a backscratcher, they breakdown the figure from every angle. Interesting episode.

Tarkin’s Top Shelf: Episode 12 starts with a little news as they cover Inferno Squad and some speculation on future stories. Then they dive into their main topic, Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig. It’s a spoiler discussion, so fair warning, however they tend to pick discussion points rather than hashing over the plot, so you could still listen and not really be that spoiled for the book. They provide some interesting thoughts and observations. Good episode.

TechnoRetro Dads: 8-Track Is Enough focuses on the number eight as they talk about the old tv show Eight is Enough and they talk 8-tracks with Scott Ryfun, as well as a bunch of other fun stuff. Good episode.

The Skyhoppers Podcast: Episode XXVI covers news, the Screaming Citadel announcement, which leads to some comic discussion. They get into the Marvel comics and cover all of the new series and mini-series that Marvel has done by touching on all of them. Great discussion.

The Skyhoppers Podcast: Episode XXVII features guest Alexandra as they talk Han Solo. They cover their favorite moments, what they like about the character, some TFA criticism, thoughts on his death, the Han Solo origin movie, the old Han Solo trilogy books, and his role in the Aftermath books. Good episode.

The Skyhoppers Podcast: Episode XXVIII covers some news with Inferno Squad, then they talk Star Wars Rebels as they get into “Legacy of Mandalore.” They talk about Sabine, Kanan, Ezra, Sabine’s family, Mandalorians, and they compare the Disney canon to the old EU looking at different kinds of stories. Good episode.

The Skyhoppers Podcast: Episode XXIX features Ben and Ash as they discuss Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig. It’s a spoiler discussion. They get into Taris, Wendig’s take on Mon Mothma, Jar Jar, the bounty hunters, their frustration over Norra, the oddness of Han and Leia, no Luke, Rae Sloane, a crazy Snoke theory, Temmin, Wedge, the battle of Jakku, Mr. Bones, Jom, Sinjir and more. Overall the both liked the book, and the episode is an excellent discussion of it. They do get into some spoilery stuff, though, so if you plan on reading it, you might want to do so first before listening.

The Skyhoppers Podcast: Episode XXX features guests Alexandra and Jason. Jason talks about his podcast Holy Star Wars, and then they all get into their fandoms, liking Star Wars more than others around them, the magic of Star Wars, fan fic and the freedom that outlet provides, speculation in the fan community with wild theories, negativity in fandom and more. Great episode. I highly recommend checking it out. They have a nice variety of fun discussions and some great guests. Though they do fire some shots at Rebel Force Radio.

TSW After Darkside: Episode 40 is the usual behind the scenes stuff with some discussion on what Luke and Leia are looking at at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Everyone’s volume but Marc’s is a little low at first but that’s fixed later on in the episode.

TSW Feature Comms (Talk Star Wars): Vol. 3 is a fun commentary for The Empire Strikes Back including observations, trivia and more. Good stuff.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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