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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Beltway Banthas: Episode 24 starts with current topics and news, then they discuss the Empire and like the bad guys with guests Andrea Letamendi and Tyler Westhause which leads to a very interesting discussion on what it is about the villains that interests us so much. Good episode.

Blast Points: Episode 63 starts with a little The Last Jedi┬ánews ala biohexacrypt, and they go over Star Wars Celebration announcements, guests and the UK’s Star Wars Fun Day with Bor Gullet. Then they go into Aftermath: Empire’s End with full spoilers. There’s an interesting take from Gabe on this one as he only read some of Aftermath and none of Life Debt, catching most of the major plot points via online breakdowns. Jason, on the other hand, read all three. They talk about Palpatine’s Plan B, a possible mention of Captain Phasma which I missed on my read through of the book, the Church of the Force interlude, Chewbacca’s interlude, Lando’s interlude, and going back to Jakku. They don’t spoil the entire book as they mostly touch on the interludes and even then, they don’t go into too much detail, so you could listen to this entire episode and still find lots of surprises in the book. They made a good observation about how having the recognizable film characters in such small roles, and the new characters in such large roles, can actually be a negative when the film characters are the more interesting ones. Overall, fantastic episode. Both informative and entertaining.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 110 kicks off with Blue Russians as they talk about Conty’s toy find, Twinkie ice cream, Mandalorian windows, the Auralnauts R2 video, Jedi cologne, Oppo molting, listener feedback, some need’em got’em, and more. Fun as always, but I think the Blue Russians and Oppo’s molting makes this one special. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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