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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Awards Chatter: Viggo Mortensen interview is a good one. Viggo talks about his parents, his childhood, being born in Manhattan but raised in Argentina, returning to America, the influence of his mother’s love in movies, how he eventually got into acting, his early roles and missed opportunities like Platoon, and of course filming Lord of the Rings. They also cover his latest film Captain Fantastic. Great interview and one you don’t want to miss.

Awards Chatter: Ryan Reynolds interview is pretty neat as it details the long journey that eventually led to the Deadpool movie. He talks about going from Canada and kid’s soap operas to Hollywood and films. I had no idea how deeply invested Ryan was in the idea of a Deadpool movie, nor did I realize that he wrote the script and had shopped it around for years in trying to get the film made. If you’re a Deadpool fan, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. And even if you’re not, Ryan talks about the various films he’s worked on, going from smaller films to big films, and what happened with Green Lantern.

Beltway Banthas: Episode 21 dives into politics with cabinet news, Mark Hamill reading Trump quotes in Joker voice, and they’re joined by guest Dennis Keithly from Starships Sabers and Scoundrels as they discuss the Separatists. The audio is a little tinny in this episode but the discussion on the Separatists is pretty good.

Bombad Radio: Episode 268 is an interview with Brian Kindregan which covers a lot of ground. Brian talks about his work as a clean-up artist, reading screenplays, being a storyboard artist for Space Jam, Lion King 1.5, Quest for Camelot and Iron Giant, and the switch to video game writing for projects such as Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and StarCraft. Mass Effect and StarCraft fans will definitely want to check this one out as they get into a lot of discussion on those two game franchises. Great interview.

Bombad Radio: Episode 269 is an excellent interview with author Paul S. Kemp focusing on his new book A Conversation in Blood. They keep it spoiler free so anyone can listen and it’s a good way for prospective readers to get an idea of what the book is about. Afterwards Jeremiah shares his review of the book which is also spoiler free.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 104 covers Rogue One, K-2SO, Raddus, the TFA deleted scene with Unkar Plutt, Pruneface, Jerome Blake, news stuff, Imperial March in Rogue One, an S.H. Figuarts review of the Hover Tank Commando, and lots more of random Star Wars goodness which crescendos with a roomful of Kowakian monkey lizards.

Children of the Force: Episode 58 starts with a happy birthday song for Liam, they they talk about Wedge, Woody Harrelson and Episode VIII. Nick from London joins them, along with his sister Sylvia, as they talk about the Star Wars Identities exhibit. Good episode.

Comic Book Noob: Howard the Duck discusses the character, the comic book origins, his abilities, powers and adventures, and touches on the film. Good episode.

Fictional Frontiers: Episode 394 features a conversation with David Collins as they talk about Dave hosting another stage at Star Wars Celebration, his work at the Rogue One red carpet event, and his voice work for the film. Good episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 120 jumps right to reviews as Garrick shares them in limerick form. They cover Poe Dameron #9, Poe Dameron #10, Doctor Aphra #1, Doctor Aphra #2 and a lot of praise for both, and Star Wars #26. Then they review Star Wars Rebels “An Inside Man,” “Visions and Voices,” and “Ghosts of Geonosis.” They takes up half the episode. Afterward they went into rumors for Episode VIII and I checked out as I’m still on a spoilerphobe kick. Otherwise, good episode.

Full of Sith: Episode CCI starts off with Mike and Holly talking about the Disney marathon, running and cosplay. Then they break to Bryan and Chris Taylor who provide some coverage of the Disney Star Wars Day at Sea cruise they went on, which is followed up by some post coverage with Mike, Holly and Bryan as they talk about the cruise and what it was like. Good episode, though there is a little bit of white noise with the Bryan and Chris audio.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 20 starts out with stitch closed pockets, new fashion item news, and then they talk with guest Joelle (Jedi News) about alopecia, embracing fandom, blasters, cosplay, wigs and Force for change. Joelle is a terrific guest, definitely a highlight of the episode.

Geek Directive (Assembly of Geeks): Planes, Canes and Talking Automobiles touches on current news topics like James Cameron on the Terminator franchise, new Logan trailer and fitting into canon, and Suicide Squad and the director’s comments about making the Joker the main villain. They play a fun game leading to an alternative Indiana Jones universe and the adventure of the golden cane. They share the synopsis for the Thrawn novel, talk about the fan orchestrated Carrie Fisher event, play a game “Real or not Real” with a Smallville theme, and they discuss merging universes. Fun episode.

Hangin’ With Team Kanan: Episode 27 covers Star Wars Rebels “Ghosts of Geonosis,” “Warhead,” and the midseason trailer, as well as some speculation on what will happen.

Less Than Twelve Parsecs: Episode 54 features Tim’s quick thoughts on Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic and if the era should be rebooted.

Less Than Twelve Parsecs: Episode 57 goes over the title for Star Wars Episode VIII and Tim shares his thoughts on The Last Jedi.

Radio 1138: Episode 56 breaks out the big guns as they talk with Guy Henry, the actor who played Tarkin in Rogue One. Guy talks about working on set, redoing scenes, and wanting to do additional ADR work to get the voice just right, though they didn’t use it. As if that wasn’t enough, they talk with Rogue One writer Gary Whitta about writing for games and doing the screenplay. Afterwards, Mark and James talk Rogue One and Carrie Fisher. They have on Jeremy Bulloch who shares his memories about Carrie and getting glitter bombed, and they also talk with Chris from Jedi Journals and Steve Sansweet about Carrie and some of the stories they had. Great episode.

Rebel Yell: Warhead features Steve, Teresa and Erich as they discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode and venture into some Alan Rickman tangents. Fun discussion.

Rebels Chat: Episode 67 covers Star Wars Rebels “Warhead” as they breakdown the episode and share their AP-5 love. They also talk about Zeb and strategy, Thrawn and possible mistakes, and they share some listener feedback on the Predator references. Good episode.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 153 covers some recent acquisitions, the Disney marathon, and guest Russell Flores who talks with them about the marathon. Then they have on Gus Lopez for a lengthy discussion on collecting. They get into some really good grail stories and Gus talks about awesome one of a kind items he’s managed to get a hold of. He also talks about what’s involved in prop collecting, the importance of displaying the pieces, and the stories behind them. Great conversation and a great episode.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 930 takes a look at Saw and how he’s become the linchpin of Star Wars, examining the timeline and what we know.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 931 covers Jyn Erso and the hero’s journey looking at how Jyn’s storyline matches up.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 935 is an interview with Kevin Yost who creates the trailers for Star Wars Rebels. Kevin talks about what goes into creating the trailers, working on the DVD extras, and he talks some about his wife’s work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 936 is part two of the interview with Kevin Yost. Note both parts of the interview have kind of subpar audio quality, but it’s a really neat interview giving a look behind the curtains and it’s worth checking out.

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 20.5 discusses Star Wars Rebels “Trials of the Darksaber,” plus listener emails. Good episode.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 55 covers a slew of Star Wars topics including future trilogies/saga films and whether we should see an R rated movie. They speculate on why we don’t see K-2SO droids in later films, if Woody Harrelson could be Hondo, Luke’s map, an ancient Jedi movie, Han Solo cameos and Rogue One news. They also take a break from Star Wars to talk about what they’re looking forward to this year. Good episode.

Wisconsin Public Radio: 50 Years Exploring the Final Frontier is a special radio segment WPR did with author John Jackson Miller. They talk with John about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, what makes Star Trek and Star Wars such lasting franchises, and the challenges of keeping in canon. John also talks about his latest books the Prey Trilogy, and they talk a little Rogue One, though at the time of this recording John hadn’t gotten a chance to see it yet. Definitely worth a listen for Trek and Star Wars fans.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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