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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: What’s Happening Podcast Update is kind of optional but does give listeners a heads up that things are changing. Scott and Matt talk about the new podcasts coming to the site and how things will be changing or staying the same.

Awards Chatter: Michael Keaton episode covers how he got into acting, his early roles, Beetlejuice, Batman and Birdman, and his latest film The Founder. Nice interview giving a peek inside Keaton’s head. Great one to check out.

Awards Chatter: Denzel Washington episode is a great one to check out. Denzel talks about his parents, his childhood, he brings up being friends with Ludacris’ dad, his work in theater, meeting Sidney Poitier, doing movies, boxing at Mickey Rourke’s gym, directing, his take on playing bad guys and his latest film Fences. When it comes to doing actor interviews, Scott Feinberg does an outstanding job.

Beltway Banthas: Episode 20 touches on Carrie’s passing, they talk Rogue One, and they get into the political context of Rogue One. Good episode and I love their focus on politics as it really makes their podcast stand out as their conversations delve into other areas not getting explored.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode 31 features Kate and Jamie as they discuss Rogue One. It’s the Star Wars podcast with a touch of Ireland.

Blast Points: Episode 55 has more Rogue One, they also talk about filming for Han Solo beginning next month, Woody Harrelson, the annotated screenplay details on Han Solo, they go through the midseason trailer of Star Wars Rebels, and then they celebrate Carrie Fisher which includes some nice audio clips of Carrie.

Bombad Radio: Episode 267 is hosted by James and Jeremiah as they talk movies, Marvel, Warcraft and Star Wars. Great little episode bringing back the feel of the old days with the podcast as they step away from interviews and instead dive into some fun discussions.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 102 kicks things off by tearing into some action figures as Joe rips them open from their cardboard and plastic prisons. They also breakdown the Star Wars Rebels midseason trailer, then get back into the the toy action with a whole bunch more figures and some news discussions sprinkled in. Great episode.

Children of the Force: Episode 56 comments on Carrie’s passing, highlights Anthony Breznican’s parent’s guide to Rogue One, and they touch on some other Star Wars things.

Children of the Force: Episode 57 has a patreon update, some Star Wars stuff, and a special update from Nick in London as he covers the Star Wars Identities exhibit. This leads to some discussion of which Star Wars character they most identify with. They also talk about the upcoming Jyn Erso young adult novel, Star Wars Rebels “Ghosts of Geonosis,” and the Star Wars Rebels midseason trailer. Good episode.

Comics With Kenobi: Issue #26 covers Carrie Fisher and reviews for Poe Dameron #9, Star Wars #26, Doctor Aphra #1 and Doctor Aphra #2. Good episode and great podcast for Star Wars comic fans.

Drunken Rebels Podcast: Episode 7 is hosted by Bill and Brad as they talk about lots of random subjects, sometimes Star Wars, and sometimes not, but they keep it fun. From Ichabod and the headless horsemen to Transformers, Rogue One, Snoke theories, Nuke Skywalker, Ramis Antilles, parsecs, the Bendu and the Dave Prowse documentary. Worth checking out, though this one is a pre-Rogue One release episode so it’s a little old.

Drunken Rebels Podcast: Episode 8 focuses on Rogue One with some general Star Wars discussion afterwards. Pretty good audio quality and good hosts make this one a viable option for looking for a new Star Wars discussion podcast to try out.

Hokey Religion: Episode 33 is hosted by Tyler and Michael and is a pre-Rogue One show. They covered what they were excited for, who they thought would die, and other Rogue One thoughts. They also talk about what’s coming in the future, should there be a fourth trilogy, should it be Skywalkers, the idea of a Outbound Flight standalone, Death Star boardroom members, and other random thoughts on Star Wars. Fun episode. This being my first time listening to the podcast, I like what I heard and dove into three episodes. Definitely worth checking out.

Hokey Religion: Episode 34 begins with a Gremlins 2 discussion which takes up the first 13 minutes. Then they get into Rogue One as they share their thoughts. The podcast has a lot of humor and kind of a unique view on Star Wars that’s different from others I’ve listened to. Not a radio show feel, very much two fans talking Star Wars and having fun with good audio quality. They keep their episodes around an hour which is a good length, not too short and not too long.

Hokey Religion: Episode 35 kicks off the first 8 minutes dedicated to Carrie Fisher. Afterwards they talk a little more Gremlins 2, then dive into Rogue One with lots of discussion on how the Death Star works and how the flaw worked. They also talk Krennic, caring about the characters or the lack thereof, the accessibility of Rogue One, box office numbers and they talk Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Good audio quality and there is adult language.

Idiot’s Array: Episode 38 is hosted by Alan, Mark and Ryder as they get into a fairly intellectual discussion of Star Wars. In this episode they talk Rogue One, sharing their observations, criticisms and thoughts. They get into a lot of intriguing conversations, one of which caught my interest. Did the Empire use Galen’s design for the second Death Star and did it include the same flaw with the reactor? There’s a little bit of some background white noise in the audio, otherwise a good discussion driven episode.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode #0045 is Tim’s New Year’s resolutions.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode #0046 is Tim’s five favorite lines from Return of the Jedi. Quick. Fast. Fun. As usual, be sure to queue these up. They’re great in between longer shows in your playlist.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode #0047 brings up the argument of whether Rogue One was marketed right as Tim shares some examples of people he knows who were confused. It’s definitely a valid point as I ran into similar issues with people who went with me to see the film. The marketing, and the lack of a crawl, really didn’t clear up the time placement and direction of the film for casual viewers who make up the bulk of the box office proceeds.

Nerd of Paradise: Episode 22 is an interesting episode as it features the audio of a distillery tour that Kate did at Lucidi Distilling Company in Peoria, AZ. Kate is one of the co-hosts for Blabba the Hutt and this is the first episode I’ve checked out of her solo podcast. Each one focuses on something different so there’s a lot to chose from.

Rebel Force Radio: Rogue One Review #3 features Jason, Jimmy and Billy Mac as they talk with various guests about Rogue One including Wendy, Eric Scull (MuggleCast), Steve Glosson (Geek Out Loud) and David Sparks (MacSparky.com). Nice variety of opinions and even some Saw impersonations with Bor Gullet. Fun episode.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 1.6.2017 covers Jimmy’s New Year’s Eve, some toy talk, retro gaming trip with the Witwers, and guest Clayton Sandell joins them to talk about the CGI story behind Tarkin and Leia. Afterwards they have on Steve Sansweet to talk Rancho Obi-Wan Little Debbie collector cards.

Rebels Chat: Episode 65 features their thoughts on Rogue One. Between Johnamarie and her mother Maria, you get a great discussion of the film.

Rogue Squadron Podcast: Episode 90 is an episode I did not make it all the way through. I like trying new podcasts, but when you do that, you don’t always fall upon a podcast you like. In this case, I had to stop as the podcast just wasn’t working for me. This podcast featured a lot of adult language. Now I’m not adverse to some cussing, but this one really was just on a level of its own that degraded the conversation rather than adding to it. It was too much for me and just not what I was looking for in a podcast.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 151 is a multi-guest discussion of 2016. Rich and Sarah start out discussing what they were excited for in 2016. They’re joined by Bryan Young to talk about what he was looking forward to, fandom, gatekeeping and The Jedi Pledge. Rich and Sarah then talk remakes, major disappointments in 2016, and most surprising of 2016. Then Mark Daniels joins them as they talk high points, Star Wars land, and most controversial. Next up is Tricia Barr, and wrapping up is Tyler Westhause. Fun episode jam packed with discussion.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 911 talks about Star Wars Rebels, canon being rebooted, and the canon of 2016 including brief descriptions of the Star Wars books that came out.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 916 discusses Baze and whether he used the Force when aiming his gun. Allen also talks about how everyone appeared to die after their job was done, but what was Baze’s job? He also tackles how Jedi don’t fight back in their moment of death and how this applies to Baze. Great observations.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 917 covers Rogue One one making more than The Force Awakens in 2016 from a certain point of view. It’s all about box office numbers and home release sales.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 920 covers Star Wars Rebels “Ghosts of Geonosis.”

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 921 features Allen and Tim McMahon (Less Than 12 Parsecs) as they talk about Sunspot Prison, the Rebels secret prison facility. It’s a teaser excerpt for their returning podcast show Expanded Comicverse (on the Expanded Fandomverse). I’m definitely going to have to check that podcast out.

Star Wars Influences: Episode 20 features Jimmy and Paul as they go through The Art of Rogue One book and talk about Ralph McQuarrie nods and influences.

Star Wars Rebels Declassified: Visions and Voices is hosted by Jimmy and Jason and features guest Kevin Lyle from Norse Legion. They start off covering the Star Wars Rebels midseason trailer and right off the bat Kyle brings his A-game with observations like why Obi-Wan can’t be called Obi-Wan yet. They talk about Saw’s eyes changing colors, Sabine’s lightsaber training, Yularen, Stephen Stanton and more. At 31 minutes in, they switch gears to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode “Visions and Voices.” Good episode. I always like hearing Kevin on podcasts as he makes a great guest with some awesome insight.

Star Wars Report: Episode 255 features Riley, Mark and Bethany as they talk more Rogue One. If you’re looking for more Rogue One discussion, they have you covered.

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 19.5 covers Star Wars Rebels two part episode on “Ghosts of Geonosis.” They talk about shield technology, Geonosians, the circle within a circle, Saw, Sabine, rocket troopers and Captain Branson. Good episode discussion.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 54 covers lots of great discussions. They touch on Carrie, and later on dive into the really tough subject of what should or shouldn’t be done with Episodes VIII and IX. They talk Rogue One, missing scenes, planet names following the Rebels’ journey but not Krennic, tv shows and other eras and lot more.

The Geek Directive: Bibbidi Bobbidi Blasters is the first episode of one of Assembly of Geeks new podcasts. It’s kind of hosted by Gannin, but it still features Scott, Jeff and Emily. More or less the same hosts but with more Gannin. However, the format of the show is a lot different. Some of the discussions are similar as they talk about conversation points with big movie franchises like Harry Potter, new video game releases, upcoming movies like Thor Ragnarok, some Rogue One, but they also have some games like trigger words. Kind of different but still fun and enjoyable to listen to.

The Trade Federation: Episode 85 covers the Black Series 3.75″ scale AT-ST, the new Darth Maul comic series, the Doctor Aphra series, and the Bandai 1:12 kit for BB-8. The last five minutes is devoted to some card talk. Now in my last review, I noted that this podcast was for fans of the Star Wars card games, so I’m going to have to amend that as this episode focuses elsewhere and was a lot more enjoyable for a fan such as myself who is not into the Star Wars card games. Worth a listen.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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