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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Beyond the Vote: Episode 12 is their last episode, recorded on the eve of the election as they touch on the latest developments brought up on Hilary and talk some general politics. Note I listened to this one prior to the election, so I’m not sure how this one would fare if you listened to it now.

Blast Points: Episode 47 covers the Donald Glover news, some Rogue One tidbits, Daisy Ridley’s comments, new Star Wars Rebels episode titles and some brief descriptions, then they head into their main topic – is E.T. a Jedi? They talk about his ability to levitate objects and to heal, him saying home when he sees a Yoda costume, and the E.T. senators in The Phantom Menace. They even bring in The Crystal Skull as a possibility to how it all happened. Crazy awesome episode. Definitely worth a listen.

Blast Points: Episode 48 starts with news, some Episode VIII costume news, Han Solo news and the cinematographer, and they talk about the Star Wars Galactic Atlas. Their main discussion in this episode is Meco, which leads to some pretty fun and entertaining stuff. They talk about who Meco was, why he made a Star Wars disco album, the other albums he did, and they play clips of a lot of the Star Wars Meco songs, as well as some of the newer Meco Star Wars stuff. Part educational and part silly fun, this is a good episode to check out.

Bombad Radio: Episode 256 features Jeremiah, Zack and Tyler the Intern (Rebel Force Radio) as they talk about what little we knew of Knights of the Old Republic 3, how it could have been done, and whether it will ever be done.

Bombad Radio: Episode 257 continues their “Spirit of Star Wars” series as they tackle Firefly and Joss Whedon. They talk about the difficulties the show faced, being cancelled, Serenity bombing at the box office, an Imperial Shuttle showing up in the first episode, the recurring Han Solo in carbonite prop, Malcolm Reynolds being a Han Solo derivative, Star Wars Rebels taking from Firefly, actors from Firefly doing Star Wars, the feel of the show, what they would want for a Han Solo movie, and Joss Whedon as a Star Wars director. Good episode, fun discussion.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 94 goes off on a serious tangent as they get 20 minutes deep into a YouTube video on 80’s cartoon intro’s. They also get into some musical discussions, talk Faith No More, a little Star Wars, some sandwich, food and brew talk, some Need’em Got’em and some Rey cloning speculation.

Comic Book Noob: Ghostrider episode is a great one to check out. They talk about the different Ghostriders, their origins, their powers and their recommended reading picks. Good way to get informed on Ghostrider if you don’t know much about the character.

Comic Book Noob: Doctor Strange episode is a great one whether you’ve already seen the movie or not. They talk about the character’s origin, his powers and personality, and their discussion helps give listeners an idea of how the comic book version differs from the movie version.

Comics With Kenobi: Issue #24 reviews Darth Vader #25, the last in the series with guest Dan Zehr. They review Poe Dameron #7, Star Wars #24 and Han Solo #4. I like the easter eggs they pointed out. Good episode.

Databank Brawl: Episode 22 features Jedi Coleman Trebor fighting Kit Fisto on Geonosis. It’s jealousy fight over Aayla Secura with a peaceful ending. Kind of fun, but not as good as the next one.

Databank Brawl: Episode 23 pits Constable Zuvio against Goss Toowers for a fun battle complete with voices and a good ending. The voices really make this one worth a listen.

Essential Bombad Radio: Episode #1 is a new spin off show of Bombad Radio focuses on the more random topics as they pick the subjects the listeners are talking about on Facebook and Twitter. In this episode they talk about Doctor Strange‘s opening, the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, poll results, they watch the new XXX trailer, and they talk about the new version of Star Wars: Year By Year. It’s a shorter format show at a half hour and they plan on doing it every other week. Nice start with some fun topics.

Fauxthentic History: The Battle of Naboo Part 1 – Invasion is a pretty good episode. Rather than just recapping the battle, they dive into the history and background of the events and the key players which adds some nice insight into what actually happened in the film.

Fly Casual: Episode 111 kicks off with a little Darth Vader Harry Potter, then they review Han Solo #4 which leads to where baby rathtars come from. Good laugh right there. They also review Darth Vader #25 and Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction,” and “Hera’s Heroes.” They talk about Joss Whedon wanting to make a Star Wars movie, Obi-Wan speculation, and new TFA content. Great episode. Very entertaining.

Fly Casual: Episode 112 starts with some music discussion, they talk about seeing the Rogue One trailer in 3D…kinda…which leads to theater story time. Afterwards they talk about the new Star Wars monopoly game and Daisy Ridley’s involvement which leads to a discussion on transcending gender in roles. Then they cover Diego Luna’s recent comments, Rogue One survivor predictions, opening crawl, comedy in the Han Solo film, they talk about Donald Glover, and they have a little parody song about throat hugs. About one hour in, they have some technical difficulties that weren’t edited out, then they head into the toy report as they talk Star Wars trivial pursuit, Tsum Tsum Star Wars cars, the Gillette Star Wars commercial, and the Funko Pop Young Anakin. Funny episode, and even with the technical difficulty break in the middle, still worth a listen.

Full of Sith: Special Release Ian Doescher features audio from an event at Salt Lake Library where Ian Doescher talked about the Star Wars Shakespeare books. Ian goes into the tricks he used in giving the different characters unique voices, tying in and channeling Shakespeare, and more. Great episode and my pick of the week. I really enjoyed this one.

Full of Sith: Episode CXC features Bryan, Amy and Holly as they talk about the Ahsoka novel. The cover some of the things they didn’t like and a lot of the things they did like. Good episode.

Lattes With Leia: Episode 10 covers cosplay and costumes. They talk about that, a survey on cosplay in regards to introversion and extroversion, and the significance of costumes. Great episode.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode 31 features guest Stephen Kent (Beltway Banthas) as they quickly talk Star Wars, politics and visiting DC.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode 32 features guest Stephen Kent again as Tim asks him ten silly Star Wars questions in 4 minutes. It’s a quick burst of fun.

Rebels Chat: Episode 57 is an Ahsoka special as Johnamarie talks with Melissa about the novel with a really good breakdown and some honest opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the story. There are spoilers, though as they go through the whole book.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 140 covers the Stormtrooper escape ride at Star Wars land, the Tangled tv series, Amy Ratcliffe comes on to talk NYCC, and Drew comes on for a spoiler free review of the Ahsoka novel.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 857 goes over Star Wars Rebels “Imperial Supercommandos.” Allen breaks down the episode in just 9 minutes and asks a good question, can we trust Fenn Rau?

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 14.5 covers Star Wars Rebels “The Last Battle” as they touch on Ezra and the dark side and whether will see that conflict recur, the over complexity of the Jedi redirecting the battle droids’ laser fire and more.

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 15 covers some George Lucas museum news, Razor buying THX, Hot Topic acquiring Her Universe, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 coming next Fall. They have a Palpatine and Bail debate gag, a discussion on superweapons, they review Star Wars Rebels “Imperial Supercommandos,” and they talk about Yoda’s ships. Good episode but felt a bit long.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 47 includes my iTunes review which is worth a laugh, then they dive into listener questions which leads to Luke’s training, Luke’s upbringing vs Kylo Ren’s upbringing, they discuss Donald Glover, Lando and the Han Solo movie, a love triangle angle, whether Obi-Wan will get a mention in Rogue One, Han and Greedo shooting, Kylo Ren art, Galen and Rogue One, Krennic and how things work in Empire, Rogue One standee translations, Daisy Ridley’s comment on Rey’s heritage, Stormtrooper the Executioner and redesigning Royal Guard in Episode VIII, Black Son and Jabba, the Battle of Tanaab, a nod to American Graffiti and more. Good episode.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 48 is hosted by Marc and Rob as they tackle topics like favorite Star Wars vehicles, remastering versions of the original trilogy, Lor San Tekka and Kylo Ren knowing each other, dark side magic, if Star Wars hadn’t been made what other movies would have never been made, an alternative name for Star Wars, Krennic and Tarkin, Ahsoka, the Bendu and Maul being the light, middle and dark, the lack of compassion with Jedi, lightsabers, Force powers, new Rogue One image and comments from Gareth Edwards and some possible Episode VIII spoilers at the very end, but they give a good heads up if you want to avoid them. Good episode.

The DC Justice Cast: The Green Lantern Corp Part 1 covers all the corps as Jeremiah breaks down their colors and traits.

The DC Justice Cast: The Green Lantern Corp Part 2 covers some of the most famous members of each corp and the different types of Lanterns. Both episodes are short, but they’re good ones to listen to back-to-back.

The Sandcrawler: Episode 7 recaps their Halloweens, dives into listener feedback, and they bring on guest Bill Drewnowski to talk about his Star Wars collection, S.H. Figuarts and six inch Black Series. Good episode.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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  1. I totally agree with your pick of the week. Full of Sith’s Ian Doescher panel was one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a while.

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