Movie Review: ‘The Accountant’

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If you like action movies with deep characters and an intellectual bent, then The Accountant is worth checking out. Ben Affleck does a great job in this one tackling a role that brings awareness to autism in a very weird way. Rather than showing how people with autism can go on to live normal lives, The Accountant shows how they can be deadly assassins and super criminals. As tongue and cheek as that might sound, the movie really does have some great characters and tells a very entertaining story.

At the helm is director Gavin O’Connor who has done some tv work, but also did Jane Got a Gun which came out earlier this year. Through this film, he tells what could have easily been just another Hollywood action flick. Ben Affleck is an accountant who handles the books of some very notorious criminals, and as such, has to deal with the violent fallout that comes in the business. Rathern than being a typical bookworm, he’s full on Jason Bourne as he takes bad guys out in hand-to-hand combat or with an arsenal of weaponry. Yet this isn’t a film that’s about action and explosions. Instead, it builds characters and lays out a story with a couple layers to it. There are bursts of action in between long periods of character development. It’s not a movie that’s all out action. There’s also some jumping around in the timeline with flashbacks, but the movie does it very well so even when it jumps around, it does so rather seamlessly. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘The Accountant’…

Around the Web

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Here is this week’s Around the Web news roundup of Star Wars and beyond.

Art News

  • Fans of Alex Maleev‘s Vader Down #1 variant cover can now pick up the original art, if you’ve got $4,500.
  • Dave Dorman also had some original art for sale. While the pieces have already been sold, they’re still pretty awesome to look at.

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