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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Mini-Force Friday and Meeting the Son of Zorn covers Force Friday and how it compared to last years plus they have on guest Johnny Pemberton of Son of Zorn.

Assembly of Geeks: Reacting to Luke Cage and NYCC 2016 starts with their thoughts on the new Luke Cage show, they talk about the new animated Batman movie and the possibility of William Shatner playing Two Face, they talk about the Agent Carter and Constantine animated roles, the Power Rangers trailer and the Doctor Who spinoff trailer. Good episode.

Beltway Banthas: Episode 14 features guest Mike O’Connor as they talk about conservative and liberal elements reflected in Star Wars. It’s a very interesting discussion. I highly recommend checking it out.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode 28 covers news, they talk Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Qui-Gon Pop and other new and upcoming Funko Pops, Dave Filoni, they dive into Aftermath: Life Debt, and some other general discussion. Good episode.

Bombad Radio: Episode 253 continues their KOTOR coverage as they talk about Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. They give a full discussion of the game, the characters, the story, various elements and the cut content.

Bombad Radio: Episode 254 has round table reactions to the new Rogue One trailer as well as some general Star Wars discussion which felt a lot like the old days of their Star Wars free-for-all episodes. Afterwards they dived into the four Star Wars: The Old Republic novels, sharing their thoughts on each. Pretty good discussion.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 91 covers lots of stuff as usual. From a pig roast and Masters of the Universe to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ music, Hawaiian food and international shout outs. Oh, and there’s Star Wars topics like Maul and Kenobi, a rundown on the latest publishing news from NYCC, thoughts on Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction,” they watch the new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer, and go through a bunch of figures for Need’em Got’em. Fun Episode.

Children of the Force: Episode 48 includes listener feedback, Snoke theories, their thoughts on LEGO The Force Awakens, canon news and Hux, and more. A quick episode at just 36 minutes, and a fun one.

Coffee With Kenobi: Rogue One Second Trailer Analysis & Rogue Friday Coverage covers the new Rogue One trailer as they share their feelings and reactions, pick out highlights, and read listener feedback on the trailer. They also talk about Force Friday with some audio from the day of. Good episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 108 covers Dave Filoni’s promotion, NYCC writer’s panel, female leads for the Han Solo movie, Force Friday, toys and more. Fun episode with the usual humor keeping it entertaining.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXXXVII is actually one of my highlights of the week as their discussion of the Rogue One trailer was one of the best I listened to. They had on guest Anthony Breznican as they discussed the trailer, the reshoots, and some new reveals about the movie. This episode is hosted by Bryan, Amy and Bobby who fills in for Mike. Great episode.

Generation X-Wing: Episode 84 is a Force Friday focused episode. They start talking with members of the 501st which centers around a lot of general Star Wars discussion. After 28 minutes they transition to their live Force Friday coverage from the lines, then they talk with Chris for Star Wars Kidscast. There’s a store report and some after action reports.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 10.14.2016 has a full breakdown of the new Rogue One trailer. They’re also joined by Clayton Sandell as they talk Star Wars and Rogue One.

Rebel Yell: Holocrons of Fate is hosted by Steve and Erich as they go through the episode, the Bendu, the Holocrons, Ezra, Kanan, Maul and more. Good discussion.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 486 covers the new Rogue One trailer a little bit, then dives into NYCC. They have an interview with Hasbro, they talk toys, Hasbro and other collectibles that were at the con, they have some audio from the con floor, a nice interview with cover artist John Tyler Christopher who does all the action figure variant covers, and Brock reviews Ahsoka. I really enjoyed the interview with John Tyler Christopher as that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone speak with him.

Starships Sabers and Scoundrels: Episode 13 covers a little bit of Force Friday, Rogue One news and Star Wars Rebels. Guest Mike McDonald joins them to talk Star Wars figures as they cover “the best” from vintage to Black Series. Afterwards they review Star Wars Rebels “The Antilles Extraction” and their Saber Clash segment gets into spoilerphobia. Fun episode.

The DC Justice Cast: Gotham by Gaslight covers the cancelled game and the comic which did see the light of day.

The DC Justice Cast: The Success of Wonder Woman and Female Superhero Films talks about the animated Wonder Woman movie, why the sequel was cancelled, the lack of sequels for female led animated films, and how the live action Wonder Woman movie might change that.

The DC Justice Cast: Lets Talk Superman V The Sequel to Superman IV The Quest For Peace covers the movie that never happened as Jeremiah talks about the cancelled project, the director they were going to go with, who the villain was going to be, and how it tied in the death of Superman.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 45 beings with a little hedgehogs discussion before they head into Star Wars. They talk about Anakin and Shmi and whether they were born on Tatooine as well as a possible connection to Jakku or even Plagueis. They talk Qui-Gon, Slave I’s seating, the new Rogue One poster, and the new Rogue One trailer which the breakdown in full with some great observations. They also talk Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate”, why Ahsoka’s lightsabers are white via the new novel, and Finn and robotic limbs/repairs. Good episode.

TSW After Dark Side: Episode 27 touches on internet provider issues, iTunes server issues, recording equipment, the documentary The Score, rebooting Movie Geeks Film podcast, alternative media outlets, the Holocaust, US presidential candidates, pocket drone, and part 2 of their rap battle. Random, chaotic, off the cuff fun.

You Seek Knowledge: Episode 3 features a nice interview with Star Wars author Adam Bray. Adam talks about researching versus writing, relics and Force connections, whether Ewoks really ate stormtroopers, exploring The Old Republic, thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, and William Shatner and Star Wars. Good interview. Worth a listen. It’s only 17 minutes long so you can more easily fit it in when you have time.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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