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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points: Episode 43 features an interview with Kevin Rubio. Kevin talks about his early life, film school, getting into television and animation, how “Troops” came about, how comics work, and writing for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They get into some really cool stuff as they talk about “Troops”, how the special effects and sound effects were done, and who provided the voices. Their conversation about TCW was also insightful as Kevin talks about the limitations he ran into and how he wound up with Jar Jar. This awesome interview earns Blast Points Episode 43 the pick of the week.

Bombad Radio: Episode 251 features an interview with author Rob Smith as they talk about Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts. They cover the history of LucasArts, the various games the company worked on, the gaming industry, Knights of the Old Republic 3, the company’s viewpoint on Star Wars games versus non-Star Wars games, and a lot more. Very intriguing conversation with a lot of interesting stuff. Definitely worth checking out.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 90 runs down the new shows that have joined the Retrozap podcast network such as Beltway Banthas and The Sandcrawler. They go through listener emails, dive into some sandwich talk, and follow-up on Force Friday. They talk about he versus packs, Disney Elite Series figures, Black Series 3-3/4″ Royal Guard, Lando and Ackbar. They also review Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate” and talk about the new Rogue One Russian poster. Great episode.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode 58 covers the news, Ryder Waldron reports on Salt Lake Comic Con, they cover upcoming events, and guests Logan Sekulow and Will Haynes join them to talk Star Wars at Disneyland and Disney World. Good episode with a lot of Disney discussion.

Comic Book Noob: Luke Cage episode covers the origins of the character, his super powers, his run as Power Man, his relationship with Iron Fist, his real name, what makes the character unique, and recommended reads. Good episode.

ForceCenter: Episode 30 is hosted by Ken and Joseph as they talk about how much Vader should be in Rogue One. The cover the setting and time placement, what makes the character great, what would work best, and a whole lot more. It’s a really top notch Darth Vader discussion. Afterwards they get into some listener emails which leads to the relationship between Vader and Piett, Vader’s sacrifice, and Palpatine and sex. Yeah, they go there. Good episode.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXXXV is hosted by Mike, Bryan and special guest host Holly Frey as they talk Force Friday, toys, Star Wars fabrics, and they review Star Wars Rebels “Holocrons of Fate.” Great episode.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXXXVI is hosted by Mike, Bryan and special guest host Saf as they talk Rogue Squadron, Wedge, video games, board games and roleplaying, and issues in fandom and how to make it better. Good episode.

Jedi Journals: October 2016 episode covers recent acquisitions including a signed copy of Peter Cushing’s autobiography, news like the upcoming Yoda comic side story, the hardcover slipcase collection and a new ongoing monthly series (which was recently revealed to be a Doctor Aphra series). They talk about the Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie book and they discuss Aftermath: Life Debt (includes spoilers).

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode #0021 is an unboxing episode. Now I won’t spoil the surprise of what figure is unboxed as that’s really the only draw of the episode – the unboxing and the anticipation. That said, I think what would make the unboxing episodes better would be a review of the figure as Tim doesn’t really talk much about the figure after he opens it.

Less Than 12 Parsecs: Episode #0022 talks about the embarrassment of riches that Star Wars fans currently have with all the upcoming content, media and collectibles.

Musical Procrastination (Bombad Radio): Episode 23 is hosted by Jeremiah and features an interview with composer Chad Seiter. Chad talks about ReCore, working with orchestras for video games, the challenges of open world games and doing battle music, looping, working on LEGO Jurassic World, channeling Giacchino, and they talk Star Wars and Star Trek. Throughout there are sample audio clips of Chad’s work. Overall it’s a great interview and worth a listen.

Rebel Force Radio: Rebels Declassified “The Holocrons of Fate” is hosted by Jimmy, Jason, Spencer, Tyler the Intern and features listener guests Ron, Jeff, Matt and Estafio. They talk about Maul, his relationship to the Sith, what he and Ezra saw, the Bendu’s return and his laugh, Kanan’s unbelievable exposure to space, and whether the rift between Kanan and Ezra is healed. I really liked Spencer’s idea that Maul saw only oblivion in the holocron when he asked for hope, and thus he fell back to revenge and saw Obi-Wan. Good episode.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 139 starts with an interview with Don Post Jr. as they talk about masks from Michael Myers to Star Wars. Very interesting conversation as Don covers the history of the studio and recounts some fun stories. Rich and Sarah also talk about International Podcast Day, and they speak with Ric Peralta about LinningUp.net’s Rogue One plans. Plus they have a review of the music for Star Wars Rebels “The Holocrons of Fate.” Stay tuned after the credits and bloopers as they have some bonus segments with Don Post Jr.

Star Scavengers: Episode 011 covers LEGO sets, buying stuff on eBay, Force Friday, Johnamarie’s Shore Trooper obsession, New York Comic Con, Ahsoka and Rebels LEGO sets. Kind of a free form Star Wars discussion. Fun episode.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 825 reviews the Marvel comic mini-series Lando. Nice comprehensive review in just 15 minutes (does include spoilers).

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 827 shares the latest listener reviews on iTunes.

Star Wars 7×7: Episode 829 reviews the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Antilles Extraction.” It’s a nice analysis and breakdown of the episode in just 11 minutes.

Star Wars New Canon Book Club: Episode 12 covers Season Two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They cover the entire season, episode-by-episode, arc-by-arc as they talk about what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what happened. Keep in mind their is explicit language so you won’t want to listen to this podcast around your young kids. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s takes on TCW, and being time has passed, it’s interesting hearing how their views have changed or adjusted now that the entire series is out and Star Wars Rebels has carried on with some of the characters.

Star Wars New Canon Book Club: Episode 14 provides a very thorough review of Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig. They go through all the major plot points of the book with tons of spoilers, but also some good observations and fun commentary.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 35 goes over David Collin’s theme counter for Attack of the Clones, then they head back to Revenge of the Sith as they dig into Anakin and his fall and all the themes and motifs that reinforce it. Great episode.

Star Wars Report: Episode 243 features Riley at New York Comic Con as he talks with a bunch of members of the Star Wars fan community including Mike Audette, Steele Saunders, Bria, Aaron Goins the hosts of Star Wars Underworld, and William from Ion Cannon. Fun episode covering a variety of general Star Wars discussion.

Take Cover: Episode 9 starts with what they’re up to, recent acquisitions, collectible comics, upcoming and new releases. Mark and James talk with Iain Lowson a freelance writer for the Fact Files. Plus they have comic reviews for Darth Vader #24, Poe Dameron #5, Star Wars #22, The Force Awakens #3 and Han Solo #3.

Talk Star Wars: Episode 44 starts with the announcement of the latest member of the Star Wars Commonwealth – Rogue Squadron Podcast. They reveal the position of Knight of the Commonwealth, then get into listener questions. They discuss what it would have been like if Han died in Return of the Jedi, what Star Wars World would be like ala Westworld, they pick an actor they’d like to see in Star Wars and one they would not, they talk some about Twi’lek ears, what happened to the clones, is the Force benign, the tree cave, Rogue One marketing, favorite Star Wars music cues, what song they would place into Star Wars and for what scene, what Star Wars character they would invite to a dinner party and what they would talk about, and could Kylo be a good guy. They also get into news, a Rey clone vs vergence in the Force created by Luke, new Rogue One footage, new characters, and Warwick Davis’ comments on Episode VIII. Excellent discussion as always.

TSW After Dark Side: Episode 26 covers flash mobs, vlogging, a traffic story, some discussion of the rap battle and part one of the long awaited rap battle.

Western Reaches: Episode 14 features special guest Tom from Del Rey. They talk about the games they’re playing, Batman: The Telltale Series, books they’re reading, a brief review of Halo: Fractures, and for their main discussion – the new expansion for Destiny and their thoughts on it. Now as someone who has never played Destiny, I have to admit I tuned out a little trying to listen to this one. It’s kind of hard to invest yourself in the conversation when you have no plans to the play the game. So if you’re in that boat, you might not want to stick around for the whole conversation. However, if you’re a fan of Destiny or if you’ve played the game and your thinking about checking out the expansion, they give a nice thorough review of it.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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