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Since the female-driven reboot of the popular and classic Ghostbuster franchise was announced back in August of 2014, it has been the subject of intense criticism and excitement. While some of the criticism fell on the necessity of the reboot – since the classic is pretty much a beloved Hollywood film – many of the criticism, unfortunately, was thinly veiled sexism over the female cast. Fans fought back and forth over the issue for months, and the early promotional material for the film did nothing to satisfy either side of the argument. Well now the moment of truth is here, with the movie being released today. Were the naysayers right in their quest to lament about the movie every chance they got? Was the reboot even necessary? Simply, was the movie even good?

Of course it was! And anyone who doubted that – at least because it had an all female cast – were idiots.

Paul Feig (Director of notable comedy films with a female led cast including Bridesmaids, The Heat, and Spy) did a wonderful job with this reboot. Despite the underwhelming trailer this movie had, and overall abundance of sloppy and lazy reboots hitting Hollywood at the moment, I was excited for this movie all throughout it’s production up until it was released. Paul Feig has proven time and time again that he knows how to deliver good, happy-hearted comedy. Not to mention he’s proven adept at getting the most out of his brilliant comedian actors that he’s worked with in prior movies- Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy (Both of whom shine in this reboot).

Feig’s handling of this movie’s pacing at times felt a bit forced, but overall he did a stellar job. The visuals throughout the entire climax of the movie was simply stunning, and the use of color was superb. The movie had quite the bit of action and fighting in the end, more than I was expecting, and it was not only exhilarating to watch, but it was also just bad ass.

With Feig doing a skilled job behind the camera, the four main ladies that make up the Ghostbuster team in this film do an excellent job in front of the camera. The new team consists of three SNL vets – Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon – as well as McCarthy, and all of them deliver the laughs and gravitas of the movie well. While Wiig and McCarthy are front and center, I truly thought the stand out performance was Kate McKinnon as scientist Jillian Holtzmann. McKinnon did a fabulous job as the zany scientist, and practical every line she delivered was hilarious. Sometimes her character would just be in the background even, and her facial features and body language were still on point.

While McKinnon shined, Wiig and McCarthy did a fine job at grounding and anchoring the movie with more meaty roles. Jones, meanwhile, did a fine job at bringing a great flair to the group with her more practical humor. Out of all of the team, I felt Jones had the most fun with her role. In supporting roles, Chris Hemsworth made a fine secretary for the Ghostbuster team. I truly believe Hemsworth has more comedy chops than anything else, and look forward to seeing him take on more comedic roles in the future. Cecily Strong, albeit in a small role, made the most of her screen time and lines for more than her share of good laughs. Finally, the cameos of the original Ghostbuster teams all more or less flowed throughout the movie. They never really felt forced, nor did the use of popular antagonist ghosts in the movie.

While some of the pacing was slightly off, and a fraction of the jokes fell a tad flat, the Ghostbusters reboot was not only hilarious and exhilarating but it proved to me, and hopefully to other viewers, that it was necessary. With Hollywood still, in 2016, cautious to center a movie around a female lead – never mind a predominately female cast – Ghostbusters should prove once and for all that women can be just as funny and lucrative as men, not to mention pave the way for young women across the world to have new role models to look up to with this team of zany ghost hunting scientists.

I give it four out of five metal bikinis.


Reviewed by: Ryan for Roqoo Depot

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  1. Love this review and I completely agree! –Louisa

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