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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 019 covers their thoughts on the Attack of the Clones soundtrack. They talk about the music in the film versus the actual soundtrack release, spotting, their favorite moments and more. Good episode.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 020 covers the places in Star Wars they’d like to live, visit and just plain stay away from.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 021 covers the directors who they think would have brought an interesting perspective to Revenge of the Sith had they directed it instead of George. There’s some interesting picks and reasons behind the choices.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode #24 includes some coverage of Phoenix Comic Con. Kate talks about her Maz Kanata cosplay which finally saw some action, and she shares some audio she captured at the con as she spoke with voice actor Jason Spisak, author Michael Kogge, and others. Beyond Phoenix Comic Con, they also talk about Star Wars flea market finds, some comics, the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Blu-ray, Rogue One reshoots, Star Wars Celebration Europe and #Cantina. Fun episode with lots of good content.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 76 is a short one as it’s just Joe going solo before Chris’ big wedding weekend. Joe talks about the EW Star Wars news and goes through the Rogue One slides. Short and sweet. Good episode to break up your playlist if you’ve got some longer podcasts lined up.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 77 recaps Chris’ wedding, they talk about Palpatine’s broken heart — which got me laughing when they got to Palpatine’s Tender profile, they talk a little E.T., Indy 5, pesto, whiskey, Independence Day: Resurgence, Rogue One pics, Forest Whitaker being Saw Gerrera, Star Wars LEGO, need’em got’em and more. Lots of fun in this episode.

Children of the Force: Episode #38 covers some Ben Burt trivia, they talk about the cover for The Force Awakens #1 adaptation, a new Battlefront game, listener questions and feedback, and at the end of the show they cover the leaked Rogue One info. Good episode. Lot of fun to catch up on as I’ve fallen a little behind in my listening.

Children of the Force: Episode #39 covers listener feedback, they talk comics, Lando, they talk some about The Force Awakens and some movie trivia, they cover Rogue One news, Star Wars Celebration Europe, and about scenes not included in TFA Blu-ray. Good episode.

Comic Book Noob: Power Girl episode covers the character’s relationship to Supergirl, her powers, her origin, her comic history and her striking appearance. Great episode. Definitely worth a listen.

Databank Brawl (ForceCenter): Episode 12 pits Bobbajo against Admiral Piett. They come up with a pretty good story as they make the two reluctant combatants skirmish for their dignity on an outpost in Jakku. It would have been interesting to see how the battle would have differed if they had read the Bobbajo canon short story “All Creatures Great and Small”, but they did a pretty good job regardless.

Fictional Frontiers: Episode 369 features a great interview with Christie Golden covering her latest Warcraft novels.

Fly Casual: Episode 94 covers the Ahsoka novel, Rogue One reshoots — which leads to an entertaining film rant and Mike getting arrested. Then they move on to John Williams and Indy 5 which leads to a Williams discussion. They also cover Charlie Cox auditioning for Han Solo, the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Blu-ray, the Chewbacca mom action figure, Funko Pop exclusives, Star Wars perfume, Gentle Giant Rey bust, and the LEGO TFA demo.

Fly Casual: Episode 95 starts with some prison fun from the last episode, then they get into reviews with Darth Vader #21, Poe Dameron #3, Star Wars #20 and Han Solo #1. This one is a reviews and rumors episode, and while I’m in spoiler-phobia mode, this one isn’t bad as they just talk about the tree rumor. Pretty safe stuff. Good episode all around.

ForceCenter: Episode 19 discusses the balance of the Force, the Jedi prophecy, Mortis and what Luke’s take might be on the whole balance thing. Great little discussion, plus some fun listener questions at the end.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXXII features the whole crew as they go back and take a second look at the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Onderon arc now that we know Forest Whitaker is Saw Gerrera. They investigate possible plot kernels as well as just rehashing their favorite moments from the episodes.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 13 features audio from the Her Universe TFA fashion designers, Teresa talks about her recent trip to Disney World and what she bought, plus they cover new items and the Star Wars perfumes.

Hangin’ with Team Kanan: Episode 15 covers the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 premiere that will be happening at SWCE, they talk about their favorite moments from season two, the Kanan TPB release, and Forest Whitaker being Saw Gerrera.

Jedi Beat (ForceCenter): Episode #5 covers Jar Jar Binks. This episode is actually pretty awesome as Jennifer goes above and beyond to paint a full picture of how this character came to be. From an insightful bio on Ahmed Best, to the CGI vs partial CGI arguments over Jar Jar, the origin of the word Gungan, the extreme fan reactions, and what Ahmed Best has done since then. I highly recommend checking this episode out. It earns the pick of the week.

Rebels Chat: Episode 46 continues their review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as they tackle the Blue Shadow Virus episodes.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode #125 features Adam Harris as he talks about his Star Wars story, the documentary he did, and the people he met. Patty Hammond comes on to share her Disney story, and they interview Star Wars artist Jason Christman about his Star Wars Celebration Europe art print. It’s a good interview and a good episode overall.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode #126 starts with a spoiler-free review of BFG, then they have a great conversation with Anthony Breznican who talks about Rogue One and Spielberg. Afterwards Drew comes on with his daughter as they talk about the book ABC-3PO. Good episode with lots of fun stuff, especially the Breznican interview as it was interesting hearing some of the behind the scenes info on all the Rogue One news EW broke.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 478 reviews Wave 3 of the 3-3/4-inch Black Series figures, they also talk about Star Wars bags, the new prop replicas and the exorbitant prices as well as the questionable longevity due to the 3D printing. They talk about the Yoda and R2-D2 ArtFX two-pack, the Hot Toys gold stormtrooper and Episode VII Chewie and Han, Funko Pop exclusives, SWCE art prints, autographs and cons, toy pre-orders, and a neat little segment on custom 5 POA card backs. Good episode with tons of great collecting coverage.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 31 covers the John Williams AFI even with audio clips of Spielberg, Abrams, Ford and Lucas. Great coverage.

The Justice Cast: Rebirth episode cover’s DC’s Rebirth comics event. This is a new podcast I’ve started listening to that’s hosted by Bombad Radio’s Jeremiah. It’s a short episode format that zeroes in on specific DC-oriented topics. It’s fun and it works. Worth checking out if you’re a DC fan and it won’t take long to catch up.

The Justice Cast: Justice League versus Teen Titans covers the animated film, whether it’s any good, and sets expectations. Nice spoiler free review.

The Justice Cast: Injustice 2 covers the news of Injustice: Gods Among Us video game sequel and what fans can expect in new content and characters.

Western Reaches: Episode #8 features guest Mike Audette as they talk about the books they’re reading, the games they’re playing, a little news on Star Wars Battlefront and LEGO Star Wars, and their main discussion which is Pokemon. Fun episode covering a bit of Star Wars and beyond.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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